Monday, July 20, 2009

Smoking by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn

My daughter read a book about smoking in the My Health series by Dr. Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn that would be a great book for any upper elementary aged child to read because it teaches about the health problems associated with smoking.

Back of books says:

Have you ever heard someone say, "at least I have my health?" Staying healthy is very important to us. If you've ever had a cold, the chickenpox, or a broken bone, you know that it's hard to be happy when something is wrong with your body. A cold makes you feel lousy, the chickenpox makes you itch, and a broken bone is very painful. The books in this series will help you learn more about the minor health problems we all face at one time or another. Along the way, you will also learn how all the parts of your body work together to keep you healthy most of the time.

This book has a questionnaire that children can give to friends and family to learn more about the effects of smoking. There is also a page that shares information from the American Cancer Society that describes how a smoker's health improves after he or she quits smoking.

My Health Series
ISBN: 0-531-12193-3

Monday, July 6, 2009

Apologetics for a New Generation - Sean McDowell - General Editor

I found this book on the current release section at the public library and thought it sounded interesting. It's important as parents that we help our kids form a Biblical worldview before sending them into a world full of questions.

Back of Books Says:

“I feel so lost…I’m not sure what I believe anymore. Can you help me?”

For every teenager or college-age person who shares these thoughts, many more hide similar feelings inside. This generation’s faith is constantly under attack from the secular media, skeptical teachers, and unbelieving peers. You may wonder, How can I help?

Working with young adults every day, Sean McDowell understands their situation and shares your concern. His first-rate team of contributors, including Dan Kimball, Josh McDowell, and Brian Godawa, shows how you can help members of the new generation plant their feet firmly on the truth. Find out how you can walk them through the process of…

· Formulating a biblical worldview and applying scriptural principles to everyday issues.
· Articulating their questions and addressing their doubts in a safe environment
· Becoming confident in their faith and effective in their witness

The truth never gets old, but people need to hear it in fresh, new ways. Find out how you can effectively share the answers to life’s big questions with a new generation.

Apologetics Websites from the book’s appendix

Editor’s Website -
Publisher’s Website -

ISBN 978-0-7369-2520-4

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Game Plan for Life by Joe Gibbs

The following is taken from Randy Alcorn's Eternal Perspectives Newsletter regarding a book that will be available on July 21, 2009.

The Game Plan for Life: Your Personal Playbook for Success is the fulfillment of a long-time vision of Joe Gibbs, three-time Super Bowl winning head coach of the Washington Redskins and owner of a three-time NASCAR championship team.

Randy writes, "Joe drafted a team of men to specifically address 11 key areas that men age 20 and older struggle with, focusing primarily on what the Bible says about these issues. He called me to ask if I would write about Heaven. Joe said the Heaven book had meant a lot to him, and I told him I was glad to contribute a chapter."

Click here to watch a video of Joe Gibbs talking about Heaven and his visit with Randy Alcorn in May.

The Game Plan for Life is available through Be sure to check out for resources on all the topics the book covers.