Monday, December 29, 2008

Fireproof by Eric Wilson

I've heard a lot about the movie, Fireproof and even posted about it on my Actions Speak Loudest blog, but still haven't seen it for myself. When I found out that Eric Wilson wrote a book based on the screenplay I requested that my library purchase it. I just finished it today and really got a lot out of it. I believe the book would be beneficial for anyone (any age) who is married whether having difficulties or not. All marriages can improve.

Back of Book Says:

Inside burning buildings, Captain Caleb Holt lives by the firefighter's adage:


Yet at home, in the cooling embers of his marriage, he lives by his own rules.

Growing up, his wife Catherine always dreamed of marrying a loving, brave firefighter . . . just like her father. Now, after seven years of marriage, she wonders when she stopped being "good enough." Countless arguments and anger have them wanting to move on to something with more sparks.

As they prepare for divorce, Caleb's father challenges him to commit to a 40-day experiment: "The Love Dare." Wondering if it's even worth the effort, Caleb agrees, for his father's sake more than for his marriage.

Surprised by what he discovers about the meaning of love, Caleb realizes that his wife and marriage are worth fighting for. His job is to rescue others. Now Captain Holt is ready to face his toughest job ever . . . rescuing his wife's heart.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Randy Alcorn's Tell Me About Heaven book Giveaway

This month Randy Alcorn is giving away his children’s book Tell Me About Heaven, which was illustrated by artist Ron DiCianni. To enter for your chance to win the giveaway, leave a comment on Randy's post by Friday, December 26. The winners will be announced in a blog post on Monday, December 29, so be sure to check back and see if your name was drawn.

This book is beautiful and my daughter and I enjoyed it tremendously. Check here for my post on the book.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Breach of Promise by James Scott Bell

Breach of Promise was well-written and the characters were developed beautifully; however it was difficult for me to read because I related to it on a level as a child of divorce. The circumstances of my parents' divorce were different, yet still painful. Being separated from a parent is difficult and I so felt for the little girl in this novel. Currently someone I care about is going through a separation and possible divorce now and they have young children, so that sorrow for family loss is fresh in a new way now too.

Back of Book Says:

Mark Gillen has the storybook life other men dream of, complete with a beautiful wife and an adoring fiver-year old daughter.

The his wife announces she’s leaving him. And taking their daughter with her. The other man is a famous film director with unlimited funds and the keys to stardom and wealth for Paula. How can Mark begin to compete? But the most bitter blow comes when he is kept from seeing his daughter because of false charges… and a legal system ill-suited for finding the truth.

Forged in the darkest valley Mark has ever walked through his faith in God may ultimately cost him everything in the eyes of the family-law system. But it is the one thing that can keep him sane – and give him the strength to fight against all odds for what matters most.

James Scott Bell has a great talent for writing and I plan to read as much of his work as possible. I enjoy reading legal drama novels, since it takes the place of the crime dramas I used to watch on TV and reading is much better than television.

For more information on James Scott Bell and his novel check his website.

Friday, November 21, 2008

SAHM I AM by Meredith Efken

Someone at Shelfari recommended this author and when I checked my library I found SAHM I Am and decided to give it a read. It was a combination of fun and learning. The author pointed out some positive lessons with lots of humor. This book was especially fun for me because I've belonged to an email loop since my daughter was a baby and the ladies in the group have become like real friends even though I've only met one of them in the real world. Fortunately we don't have any "know it all" members in our group. We've had a freedom to be real and admit our struggles. For a fun read find of copy of this book.

Back of Book Says:

For the members of a stay-at-home-moms’ e-mail loop, lunch with friends is a sandwich in front of the computer, but where else can they discuss things like…

Success: Her workaholic husband is driving Dulcie Huckleberry around the bend. It’s hard to love someone in sickness and in health when he’s never home!

Art: Let the children express themselves, opines artistic Zelia Muzuwa, and then her son’s head gets stuck inside a kitty scratching post….

Health: Surely aches and pains are normal in an active little boy, yet those of soccer-mom Jocelyn Millard’s son don’t seem to be going away.

Motherhood: Teen-mom-turned-farmer’s-wife Brenna Lindberg can deal with the mud and the chickens, but what about her husband’s desire for a child of his own?

Indiscretions: However youthful, they can come back to haunt you, learns pastor’s wife Phyllis Lorimer.

AMends: These could stand to be made between officious list moderator Rosalyn Ebberly and her pampered sister Veronica. Perhaps the other SAHM I AMers can teach these two something about sisterhood.

Book 1 - SAHM I Am
Book 2 - @ Home for the Holidays
Book 3 - Play It Again. SAHM

Book Excerpt

Spoiler Alert - Discussion Questions

Author’s Webpage

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Africa: Where the Decades Still Whisper by Robert Perry

Finally, I'm making the time to post about the book I shared a section from on Saturday from Ruthie's Bookworm tag. Ever since I was a young teen I’ve been challenged by the work of the Schmelzenbach family in Africa, so this book had special meaning to me. Recently in church we watched a DVD that shared more about this family and their work in Africa. They gave up so much for their love of God and their love of our brothers and sisters in Africa. What an inspiration!

Back of Book Says:

AFRICA. The word conjures up so many images. Tigers. Hot sunshine. Safaris. War. Drought.

Yet we mustn’t forget Africa is home to so much more – including thousands of people in desperate need of a Savior. Down through the decades, the Church of the Nazarene has valiantly taken the gospel to the far reaches of this vast continent. Weathering famine, death, persecution, and war, missionaries and national leaders alike have stayed true to God as He grew our church.

Read about the prayers of those desperate to bring the Church of the Nazarene to their home countries…the joy of a young witch doctor turning to Jesus… the triumph of knowing God’s leader for Africa’s first Nazarene university.

Africa. Over a center of Nazarene work has come and gone. Yet it’s still a place where the decades whisper the glory of God’s name.

If you are interested in reading this book or five others about other parts of the world where the Church of the Nazarene does mission work, contact NPH to purchase the book or a local Nazarene Church where the books can be borrowed free of church. The church also provides six books that are appropriate for children to read.


After reading this book, consider doing one or more of the following:

1. Organize a
Work and Witness (short-term missions) team to take on a project in Africa. There is always a need. Contact Nazarene Headquarters (Church of the Nazarene Global Ministry Center 17001 Prairie Star Parkway Lenexa KS, 66220 Phone: 913.577.0500) and ask for the director of Work and Witness. They will provide you with information regarding needs and requirements.

2. Provide books for our Bible college libraries in Africa. For further information, contact Dr. Perry by E-mail at, or write him at 11807 12th Avenue East, Bradenton, FL, 34212.

3. Pray for the work of our church in creative access areas on the Africa Region. The pressure on Christians and church workers is very great in these countries.

4. Invite a missionary from Africa to speak in your church.

5. Help provide scholarship funds for students at our Bible colleges in Africa. Contact the Nazarene Missions International office in Lenexa, KS for further information.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bookworm Award

Ruthie at Just Ruthie tagged me for this Bookworm Award. It looks like fun - and I love to read as you can tell by looking at this blog. Check out Ruthie’s blog if you get a chance. She has shared some incredible stories of growing up in China and some beautiful pictures of her travels in her RV. Thanks Ruthie for the tag.

Here's how it goes.

Pass this on to 5 blogging friends.

Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write out the 5th sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that...

I decided that I would use the book that I’m going to post about soon – a missionary book that is published by our church – Africa: Where the Decades Still Whisper by Robert Perry. Ever since I was a young teen I’ve been challenged by the work of the Schmelzenbach family in Africa.

Page 56 – “Veteran missionaries Harmon and Beverly Schmelzenbach received the appointment to pioneer the work. They rented a house in Nairobi, Kenya, and soon were preaching in the open markets. Many people responded, and the Schmelzenbachs invited them to their home for coffee and fellowship. Several young men who felt a call to preach started house churches. At that time, however, there was no place to provide training for them. Harmon, the great improviser, took a page out of his grandfather’s book: he gathered the fledgling preachers together in quarterly meetings to discuss various aspects of preaching and pastoring."

I’m tagging some ladies who have book blogs that I enjoy reading:

Carol at Quotes and Notes
Cathy at WordVessel
Jennifer at A Booklover's Journal
Kay at Books and Starbucks
Melanie at Books and Starbucks

Have fun! If there is anyone else that would like to do this, please add it to your blog and let me know. Have a great day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Win a Free Trip to Virginia

I received a comment from Laura on my post about the Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright regarding a contest for a free trip to the Shenandoah Valley of beautiful Virginia. Read her comment at the bottom of this post and follow her link for the additional details.

How to Enter:

Add Jason Wright's family to your Christmas card list and send them a Christmas card of any type between now and December 24th. (Must be received by December 24th.)

Mail your Christmas card to:

The Wrights
PO Box 669
Woodstock, VA 22664

Comment from Laura:

Speaking of The Wednesday Letters, I work with Jason and thought you’d like knowing he has a new contest on his web site where you can win a free trip-for-two to his hometown in VA, the Shenandoah Valley. All you have to do is mail him a Christmas card! All the details are here:

Merciless by Robin Parrish

This last book in the Dominion trilogy was my favorite (though the darkest) by far. I'm a fan of superheros and have always secretly wished I possessed a special power of some sort, (admit it so have you) so it was fun to read about ordinary people who became superheros. All three books deal with prophesy, but not Biblical prophesy. I enjoyed the conspiracy type plot and the fact that not everything was given to the reader on a silver platter. Robin kept me reading because I wanted to know what would happen next. There was a lot of violence in this book - it made me think about how so many people live in the middle east and throughout the world without the safety and security we enjoy in the United States.

My favorite part of the book is a wrestling match (never thought I would say that), but I can't tell you who was involved or why - don't want to spoil your fun. It made me look closer at my own motivations and why I do what I do in many areas of my life. This book can entertain and challenge.

Dominion Trilogy

Book 1 - Relentless

Book 2 - Fearless

Book 3 - Merciless

Inside Front Jacket says:



Every clock around the world has stopped.
Time has frozen.

The Secretum have fulfilled the prophecy,
unleashing on earth the most powerful being
to walk the earth in thousands of years. His
name is Oblivion and his touch is death.

He can’t be slowed.

He can’t be stopped.

And he can’t be killed.

But as long as any live who trust in hope and
love and freedom, the fight is not over.



Chapters 1-3 Excerpt

I recently read that Robin Parrish is working on a stand-alone story currently titled OFFWORLD. After that book he is planning a supernatural thriller that he says, "might just be the best idea I’ve ever had." I am anxiously waiting for his new books.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Randy Alcorn Book Giveaway - The Treasure Principle

This month Randy Alcorn is giving away The Treasure Principle to three randomly drawn winners. I haven't read this book yet, but it's on my list of books to read. Randy's books, both fiction and non-fiction, teach so much about eternal, life-changing, principles. I highly recommend this book (even without having read it) and any other book Randy has written. I have taken the time to read from his website regarding this book and it makes sense both financially and spiritually.

Randy bases his motivational message on the words of the world's foremost financial consultant, Jesus Christ, who advised listeners to "store up for yourselves treasures in heaven" (Matthew 6:20). "God owns everything," Randy writes. "I'm His money manager. What I call my money is really His. The question is, what does He want me to do with His money?" In contemporary, easy-to-understand language, Randy offers readers a six-step plan to finding the immediate pleasure and eternal rewards of the Treasure Principle. Once readers discover the liberating joy of giving, life will never look the same. And they won't want it to!

Learn more about The Treasure Principle at the Eternal Perspectives Ministries website, where you can read excerpts, find more related resources, and order books. To enter for your chance to win the giveaway, leave a comment on Randy's blog post by Friday, November 28. The winners will be announced in a post on Monday, December 1, at Randy's blog.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer

I’ve enjoyed reading other books by Sigmund Brouwer, so I decided to give this book a try. The title of this book intrigued me, but I wasn’t satisfied in the end. There was too much violence and too many scenarios left hanging. Maybe there will be a sequel? If so I would read it just to find out what happened. I did appreciate that the author didn't reveal everything early in the book. He spent time developing the characters and gave pertinent information slowly which kept me reading.

It’s frightening to consider that the events described in this book could become a way of life within our own country as is suggested in the front jacket, “Prepare to experience a chilling America of the very near future.” All I can say is pray it is not so.

See Amazon review by Michelle Sutton posted on May 21,2008 – Michelle's words sum up my thoughts about Broken Angel.

Back of Book Says:





In the rough, shadowy hills of Appalachia, a nation carved from the United States following years of government infighting, Caitlyn and her companions are the prey in a terrifying hunt. They must outwit the relentless bounty hunters, skirt an oppressive, ever-watchful society, and find passage over the walls of Appalachia to renewal the dark secrets behind Caitlyn’s existence – and understand her father’s betrayal.

In this engrossing, lightening-paced story with a post-apocalyptic edge, best-selling author Sigmund Brouwer weaves a heroic, harrowing journey through the path of a treacherous culture a few steps removed from our own.

Experience the song that completes Caitlyn's story, "
Beautiful Bird" by Cindy Morgan.

For more information on Sigmund Brouwer, his works, and more go here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fearless by Robin Parrish

This fast paced book is one most of my friends wouldn't read, but I enjoy reading edgy Christian fiction that makes you think and work to find the underlying message. Robin Parrish has a writing style that reminds me of the more recent books written by Ted Dekker. If you want a book that forces you to dig deep then this book is for you. There is violence in the book, but nothing worse than you would see on prime-time TV. If you enjoy trying to figure things out and trying to solve the mystery or put the pieces together this book will not disappoint.

Dominion Trilogy

Book 1 - Relentless
Book 2 - Fearless
Book 3 - Merciless

Front Book Jacket Says:
Earthquakes, fire, disease, and floods pummel the earth, and its citizens watch in horror.

But in the darkness there is hope – an anonymous but powerful hero whom the public dubs "Guardian" emerges from the wreckage. He is Grant Borrows, one of a chosen few who walk the earth with extraordinary powers. They travel the globe, helping those in deepest peril and determined to uncover the secret behind this world-shattering cataclysm.

But when signs of dangerous ancient prophecy begin coming true, dark questions arise about secrets Grant might still be harboring.



Questions and Answers with Robin Parrish

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman

A Promise to Remember is the first book I read by Kathryn (Katie) Cushman. I really enjoyed this book because it seemed so real to life. The two main characters both had deep issues beyond the car accident and the death of a son that they had to deal with each in her own way. I really liked how the church stepped in to minister during a horrific time - a great example to us and how we should respond in times of crisis.

When fictional characters seem to have it all together and everything is resolved with little conflict in many Christian books I find it hard to relate. Katie gives her characters issues and conflict which makes them more likable and helps me relate to them.

Product Description

Spoiler Alert - Discussion Questions

Friday, October 31, 2008

Waiting for Daybreak by Kathryn Cushman

When I heard about this book, I quickly checked my library to see if it was available because I previously read and enjoyed another book by Kathryn (Katie) Cushman - A Promise to Remember. It was well written and the characters were interesting, so I decided that I would read Waiting for Daybreak. Now I plan to read anything Katie writes.

This book presents two women, Paige and Clarissa, with different strengths, goals and motivations. Both characters are likable at the beginning, but as you read on you may find yourself in the corner of one of them. They are both desperate to succeed for different reasons, and find themselves at odds with each other. Both young women compromise their standards for different reasons, but ultimately painful lessons are learned.

For a great recommendation check out what Kay wrote about Waiting for Daybreak at Books and Starbucks.

To find more books by Katie Cushman check her web site.

Warning - some spoiler issues - Discussion Questions

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Try Darkness by James Scott Bell

I never would have picked this book up by looking at the cover and reading the title, but I did since I was pulled in by Try Dying. There is some violence in the book, but nothing worse than anything you would see on a crime show during prime time TV. It was better than anything you might see on television because reading allows you to savor the moments you choose use your imagination. I had to get my hands on the Try Darkness as quickly as my library could get it so I could follow Ty's next adventure and learn more about him and the other characters.

For product description and excerpt go here.

Buchanan Series

Book 1 - Try Dying
Book 2 - Try Darkness
Book 3 - Try Fear (coming July 2009)

To learn more about the Buchanan Series or read an excerpt from Try fear go to James Scott Bell's website.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Try Dying by James Scott Bell

This book was the first that I read by James Scott Bell. I don't remember how I found this particular novel, but decided to give it a try since the back of the book piqued my interest even though I wasn't particularly thrilled by the title. Once I began reading I was hooked. Each of the main characters has some intriguing detail in their lives that begs to be developed and Mr. Bell does just that throughout the story. The book is filled with mystery and keeps the reader wanting more - fortunately it's a series.

For a description of the book go here.

Chapter 1 Excerpt

Buchanan Series

Book 1 - Try Dying
Book 2 - Try Darkness
Book 3 - Try Fear (coming July 2009)

James Scott Bell

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Relentless by Robin Parrish

Wow! I used spend time watching espionage-double agent TV series and this book tops them all and leaves out the love scenes and provocative clothing. If you enjoyed reading some of Ted Dekker's newer works you should enjoy Robin's writing style too. There is a Christian message buried deep within the book. I think readers who enjoy suspense will like this book regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

Dominion Trilogy

Book 1 - Relentless
Book 2 - Fearless
Book 3 - Merciless

Front Book Jacket says:

In the space of a breath, what he thought was his life... SHATTERED.

Grant Borrows has been Shifted--in the silence between heartbeats, his whole life fundamentally altered. There's another man in the world wearing his face and living his life. What's more, the man staring back from his mirror is a stranger.

But the changes don't stop at skin-level. Inexplicably, he's able to affect objects around him by simply thinking about them. And as he soon learns, he's become the central figure in a vast web of intrigue that stretches from an underground global conspiracy to a prophecy dating back over seven thousand years. Enemies and allies find him at every turn, but one thing they learn all too soon is that you don't want to push Grant Borrows too far...





If you like to read books jammed with action, suspense, and more find a copy of this book. I now have the second book in the series on hold at my library and can't wait to get started. The neat thing about finding out about a series at the end is that I don't have to wait a year between books. To learn more about Robin Parrish and his books check his website.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Whole Truth by James Scott Bell

The Whole Truth is the fourth novel I've read by James Scott Bell and I've really enjoyed reading his legal mysteries. He is a former attorney and brings a lot of insight from the legal process into his writing. I'm a former crime show addict and have decided to spend more time reading instead of in front of the television. I've found many Christian fiction writer's that produce a good quality of work without sacrificing integrity. What I like best of this author is that I'm finding out some detail that I didn't guess early on in the book in the last few chapters. A lot of Christian fiction is quite predictable - sometimes I enjoy that other times I want more.

I don't really want to say a lot about the book because I don't want to give anything away, so you can have the pleasure of discovering as you read. Find a copy of this book and get ready for an interesting ride.

Back of Book Says:

At the age of five, Steve Conroy saw his seven-year-old brother kidnapped from the very bedroom they shared. His brother was never found. And the guilt of his silence that night has all but destroyed Steve’s life.

Now thirty years old with a failing law practice, Steve agrees to represent convicted criminal Johnny LaSalle, who has ties to a notorious family. And some information that threatens to blow Steve's world apart.

Desperate for his final shot at professional success, Steve will do anything to find the truth. But Johnny knows far more than he’s telling, and the secrets he keeps have deadly consequences. Now Steve must depend on an inexperienced law student whose faith seems to be his last chance at redemption from a corrupt world where one wrong move could be his last.

For more information on James Scott Bell or his works of fiction check out his web site.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell

I recently found a new author whose work I enjoy - James Scott Bell. Presumed Guilty is a murder mystery and a lot more. It's one of those books that I didn't figure out in the first few chapters (rare in Christian fiction). The book challenges the reader without coming across preachy. Find a comfy couch, a warm blanket and a copy of this book...

Back of Book Says:

Pastor Ron Hamilton’s star is rising. His 8,000-strong church is thriving. His good looks and charisma make him an exceptional speaker on family values. And his book on pornography in the church has become an unexpected bestseller. Everything is perfect.

Until a young woman’s body is discovered in a seedy motel room. The woman is a porn star. And all the evidence in the murder points to one man: Ron.

With the noose tightening around her husband’s neck, Dallas Hamilton faces a choice: believe the seemingly irrefutable facts—or the voice of her heart. The press has already reached its verdict, and the public echoes it. But Dallas is determined to do whatever it takes to find the truth.

And then a dark secret from Dallas's past threatens to take them all down.

As the clock ticks toward Ron's conviction and imprisonment, and an underworld of evil encircles her, Dallas must gather all her trust in God to discover what really happened in that motel room . . . even if it means losing faith in her husband forever.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Melanie at Books and Starbucks shared about one of her favorite books and wrote an excellent description, so I encourage you to check out what she has to say at this link. The Hiding Place is one of those books that can help adjust our outlook on life if we allow it. I found this web site with more info on the book and Corrie Ten Boom. I haven't read the book, but I watched the movie many years ago (and love to collect Corrie Ten Boom quotes) so now it's on my to read list... Melanie shared some other wonderful quotations and lessons from the book at her other blog. Thanks Melanie!

This book cover is the one my library has in it's collection.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We Believe in Christmas by Karen Kingsbury

When I found out that Karen Kingsbury had a new Christmas book for children, I requested that my library purchase the book for their collection. Today I was pleased to pick up a brand new copy of the book. The book is probably an interest level of ages 2 - 8. It could easily be read alone by a young child. Personally, I think its fun to read books like this to younger children. It has a beautiful message that old and young will appreciate. Daniel Brown did a wonderful job illustrating the book with great detail.

From Karen Kingsbury's website:

We Believe in Christmas rises to the challenge of making the true meaning of Christmas shine brighter than today’s secularized version. This inspiring story connects the contemporary Christmas glitz to its origins. “And if we want the perfect star to shine upon our tree, look and see that Brightest Star, and there will Christmas be.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October Deadline Giveaway

Randy Alcorn is giving away three copies of Deadline, one of his fictional books this month. It's an incredible book with some interesting characters. Reading this book gives you a taste of some of what he has written in Heaven and other non-fiction books. I really enjoy reading Randy's fiction because it is a lesson within a story. It's so easy to learn that way. It is also neat to get some of Randy's eternal perspective teaching through fiction and then read his non-fiction as well.
Visit Randy's website to learn more about the book and read an excerpt. To enter for your chance to win the giveaway, leave a comment on his post by Friday, October 24. The winners will be announced in his blog posting on Monday, October 27.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunset by Karen Kingsbury

I finished the final book in Karen Kingsbury's Baxter family series. This fictional family has been fun to get to know because they have problems similar to the problems any of us could face. This series could be viewed as three individual series or one large series. The first series is Redemption, the second is Firstborn and the final series is Sunrise. Each series has a slightly different focus, but all include the trials and joys of the Baxter Family.

Redemption Series - (These five books were co-written with Gary Smalley and explore the relationship principles that has Gary has taught and applies them to the Baxter family.)


Firstborn Series


Sunrise Series


Front Jacket says: (Spoiler Alert - if you haven't read the other books in this series and plan to skip the book jacket info)


With the demands of Hollywood behind them for now, Dayne and Katy Matthews continue to adjust to life in Bloomington as they look forward to a new chapter together - expanding their family. Meanwhile, the entire CKT staff is busy preparing for the first production in Dayne and Katy's theater.


The Flanigans rally to support Bailey and Connor as they try out for lead roles in the musical, but then the family receives tragic news that weighs heavily on everyone's minds. At the same time, Jim Flanigan faces a decisions that could drastically change his family's life.


As John Baxter prepares for his marriage to Elaine Denning, one of the Baxters enters the most trying season of all. Will a time of renewed love and hope be strong enough to establish the sacred ground of marriage and chart a course for the future? And when the times comes to finally sell the beloved Baxter house, memories of times gone by meet with the changes of today, providing that only the support of faith and family can take a person into the sunset years of life.

The final story, Sunset, ties everything together in a neat package solving most of the dilemma's or at least bringing them to closure for the most part. One family, the Flanigans could be further developed in a future series. Karen mentions in this book that the Baxters may appear in future books down the road. Karen also mentioned that she may create some blogs from the perspective of one or more of the Baxter family to update readers on what is happening in their lives. Check her web site for more info. I enjoyed reading this series because they dealt with real life problems in ways that ultimately brought them closer to God. The characters challenge the reader to delve deeper into God to become who HE wants us to be individually.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half by Michael McManus

I haven't read this book by Michael McManus, but saw it advertised today in a newsletter that I receive daily. As a child of divorce, I know first hand that divorce is painful for everyone involved and I would like to see divorce rates go down. Divorce is often considered the easy way out, but its really not because the payment goes on for years. I know there are some situations where safety trumps staying in a violent marriage, but I think many marriages could be salvaged with proper counsel before and/or after saying "I do."

For more info check this link.

Pray for our families and our country!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Winner's Announced in Randy Alcorn's Book Giveaway

This month’s book giveaway winners have been announced on Randy Alcorn's blog! Each of the three winners will receive copies of TouchPoints: Heaven autographed by Randy.

Next month’s giveaway, starting October 6, will be Randy’s novel Deadline. If you want to learn more about Deadline or get a sneak peak by reading the first chapter, you can visit the EPM website.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman

I saw this book advertised in a CBD catalogue and was intrigued, so I put the book on hold at my local library. There was a bit of a wait, guess there are lots of people interested in parenting strategies.

The author suggests many changes to take place in the family and most of them involve the parents changing their own actions which effect the decisions the children make. Dr. Leman offers an action plan for each day that is doable though challenging depending on how many changes are necessary in your family.

I started reading the book (Monday through Friday section) on Monday and finished ahead of schedule on Wednesday. The largest part of the book is a Question and Answer section where Dr. Leman answers behavior questions from A t0 Z. There is an index in the back, so the reader can look up their specific concerns.

Back of Book says:

Want a kid without the attitude? Without the behavior that makes you slink away in the grocery store and pretend you're not the parent? A kid with character who isn't a character? If you're tired of defiant attitudes and power struggles with your little ankle-biters or the disrespectful hormone group, read this book and follow the simple principles, and you'll have a new kid by Friday. Guaranteed!

Have a New Kid by Friday is your 5-day action plan--Monday through Friday--that really works! With his signature wit and commonsense psychology, internationally recognized family expert Dr. Kevin Leman reveals why your kids do what they do and what you can do about it--starting right now.

Anyone can do it. All it takes is you deciding to stand up and take charge. Want a great kid? Want to be a great parent? Then take the 5-day challenge. Someday your kid will thank you for it.

Special Feature: "Ask Dr. Leman"
Gutsy advice on over 100 of the hottest topics for parents, including bedtime battles, lying, argumentative attitudes, sibling rivalry, talking back, and many more.

For more information check out this web site.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sinner by Ted Dekker

Paradise Novels

1. Showdown
2. Saint
3. Sinner

You don't necessarily have to read the Paradise novels in order, but if you want to learn the details in sequential order the way they are listed above is how to go. If you read Sinner first you are going to learn some of the suspenseful details without reading Showdown, but I liked "suffering" through each book learning the details in order. In reading Saint and Sinner you learn some about the Showdown story, but many important details are left out. Each book builds on the last, but each book can stand alone.

Sinner is one of those books that is really hard to describe without giving away the story line of at least three other Ted Dekker novels. It is part of the Paradise Series and part of so much more. Ted Dekker has weaved several series into one larger series (Books of History). His writing takes you past what most would consider normal and into different realities. Spiritual warfare is a large part of his writing in the books that fall into the Books of History series. The author gives us a glimpse into the dark side and encourages the reader to consider the Light.

From Ted Dekker's Web Site

Some say roll with the punches. Drift with the tide. Nothing can stop the inevitability of change. There was a time when 300 Spartans disagreed with such banal thinking and stood in the gap. Now it’s time for the 3000 to stand in the gap. Sinner is the story of Marsuvees Black, a personification of raw evil who speaks with wicked persuasion far more destructive than swords or guns. Beware all who stand in his way. It’s the story of Billy Rediger and Darcy Lange, two unsuspecting survivors of a research project gone bad, who discover that they are quite extraordinary, perhaps the two single most powerful souls in the land. Listen to them or pay a terrible price. And it’s the story of Johnny Drake, the one who comes out of the desert and leads the 3000. Follow him and die. But most of all, Sinner is the story of our country just around the corner when all that was once held sacred in a free land where any man, woman or child could worship as they pleased and say what they believed on any street corner is shredded in name of tolerance. Sacrificed on the alter of hate crimes. Smothered by laws. Most will role with the punches. Most will drift with the tide. But not all. Not the 3000.

This book encourages us to count the cost and consider a day when our relationship with Jesus may not be as free as it is today in our comfortable world. What would you do if you were told you couldn't worship freely and you couldn't share your faith?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher

I enjoyed reading this quick read Women of Faith novel (306 pages). It depicted some difficult life situations in a believable manner. The way the characters respond to the stressors in their lives makes it so realistic that we could easily envision this story happening within our own communities and churches. Find out how the characters deal with the troubles that come their way and ask yourself what you would do if you a particular character.

Taken from Christian Book Distributors description:

Katherine has a perfect life. Brad is an affectionate and caring husband. They are active in their church, both serving in leadership positions. Katherine bakes, ministers, serves, leads a Bible study, sings. They have it all. Then a corporate scandal leads to Brad's arrest. Reporters dig into every aspect of their private lives, digging up the smallest of details and hidden secrets. Brad loses his job, and their finances are ruined. As they struggle to piece together their once-perfect life, Katherine wonders: can their marriage survive Brad's breach of trust?

Chapter 1 Excerpt

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Soul Restoration: Hope for the Weary by Terri Blackstock

I read this book last March and finally decided to post about it. It's filled with encouragement both from Terri Blackstock and from Scripture. I always encourage readers to check Scripture for themselves to determine if the interpretation the author gives is backed by the Bible. I think this book could be an encouragement to Christians in need of restoration. It's similar to a devotional book, but shorter than most. The author shares a lot from her personal experience making it interesting and easy to read.

Some Chapter Titles:

Discomfort’s Hidden Blessing
Taste and See that the Lord is Good
Everyday Dangers
Divine Transformation
Prodigal Daughter
His Heart Was Broken
My Soul Is Restored
So Many Questions
When the Smoke Clears
It’s All About Covenant
Into His Arms
Each Detail of Our Lives

My Costly Pardon

Book Jacket says:

With beautiful, uplifting writing best-selling author Terri Blackstock speaks to those who are weary and in need of soul restoration. Newly written meditations and revisions to best-selling material from her novels, each of the devotions are filled with Scripture and encouragement. The perfect gift for a Terri Blackstock fan, this book is a wonderful way to introduce her writing to someone or to share the loving encouragement of Christ. It will surely touch people’s hearts.

I'll end with an encouraging quote from page 58 - "I realize that God is in control of the universe. The mistakes in my past, though dramatic to me, cannot ruin God’s plan beyond repair. God is sovereign, and his plans cannot be thwarted by human beings like me. He can fill in the blanks of my mistakes, teaching my children what I failed to teach, restoring what I destroyed, rebuilding what I tore down, redeeming what I sold away." God can redeem anything or anyone if we give it and ourselves to HIM. That isn't saying that we won't face consequences, but that He will give us strength to face the consequences and continue living for HIM and praising HIM even through the storms.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg

Last Jihad Series

Book 1 – The Last Jihad
Book 2 – The Last Days
Book 3 – The Ezekiel Option
Book 4 – The Copper Scroll
Book 5 – Dead Heat

Soon after I read The Ezekiel Option I found out that Joel Rosenberg had a new book available and I hurried to the library to get it without knowing that there was a book to read between them. I decided to go ahead and read the books out of order since these books are highly sought after and I didn't want to have to wait forever to get this current release back in my hands.

During the Republican National Convention (September 1-4, 2008), I was reading a section of Dead Heat detailing the Republican National Convention. It was a little eerie, but fortunately the events detailed in the book weren’t experienced in real life this time as they have been in previous books in this series.

As I read from Dead Heat today, September 11, 2008, the book described a scene where Embassy Staff were being flown out of Venezuela and today in the news I read that Chavez wants the ambassador from the United States out of his country within 72 hours and that he is immediately withdrawing his ambassador from Washington. See the article here.

Back of Book says:

· Oil prices are surging to record highs.
· A new dictator is rising in Iraq
· China is threatening Taiwan.
· North Korean forces are ready to strike south.
· Israel is feverishly trying to complete the Third Temple

AND IN THE MIDST of a world ready to explode, American president, James MacPherson’s second term is ending.

The battle to succeed him is heating up into the most fiercely contested presidential election in American History. Who will lead a bitterly divided country over the next four years? And just what role – if any – does the U.S. play in history’s last days?

As the presidential campaign narrows into a dead heat, the Secret Service learns of a catastrophic terrorist plot to assassinate one of the candidates – but which one? Who do they want dead? And can U.S. forces stop the terrorists before millions lose their lives?

Reading a book by Joel Rosenberg is much like watching the nightly news. Fortunately the events detailed in this book haven't become a reality in our world. Let's pray they don't. Today commemorates the 7th anniversary of September 11, 2008 when thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives because of four terrorist acts on American soil. Since, we don't know how long we are granted to live on this earth - make sure your heart is right with God, love your family, and seek reconciliation with all you can.

For additional information see Joel's webpage.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Book from VOM

Today I found out that The Voice of the Martyrs is giving away a complimentary book - Tortured for Christ by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. Go to their website to complete the form to receive the book. I borrowed this book from my church library earlier this year - it's powerful and I highly recommend it. Persecution of Christian continues in many parts of the world. The book isn't too gory because he leaves out the hard to read details, but shares enough to give the reader an understanding. For more info check out my blog entry about the book.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Book Giveaway - Touch Points: Heaven by Randy Alcorn

This month Randy Alcorn is giving away his newly released book TouchPoints: Heaven to three randomly drawn winners who leave a comment on his blog.

From Randy's blog:

We all have questions about what Heaven will be like. Now, TouchPoints: Heaven puts God’s answers to your most probing questions about Heaven and the New Earth right at your fingertips. Inspired by Randy Alcorn’s best-selling comprehensive book Heaven, this smaller 304-page paperback contains biblically based answers to many questions about what life will be like on the New Earth. For additional information on this book, see Randy's blog.

The deadline to enter the TouchPoints: Heaven giveaway is Friday, September 26, and the winners will be announced in a blog post on Monday, September 29. To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on Randy's blog.

I haven't read this book yet, but hope to soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The World of Narnia Collection - Illustrated by Deborah Maze

This collection is adapted for the younger reader (ages 5-9) from The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. Four great books in one: Lucy Steps Through the Wardrobe; Edmund and the White Witch; Aslan; and Aslan's Triumph.

My daughter is reading the Narnia Series and I thought this book would be a quick intro for her. It has a large font and plenty of detailed pictures illustrated by Deborah Maze (a devoted C.S. Lewis reader).

Excerpt From Christian Book Distributors:

Experience wondrous adventures in the land of Narnia! This captivating picture book collection is based on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and gathers four individual picture books, Lucy Steps Through the Wardrobe, Edmund and the White Witch, Aslan, and Aslan's Triumph, into one volume.

In Lucy Steps Through the Wardrobe, Lucy finds her way into the magical land of Narnia. Her brother, Edmund, follows her, and in Edmund and the White Witch, he is enchanted by the Witch. She promises him the throne of Narnia (as well as all the Turkish Delight he could eat!) in exchange for his brother and sisters. In Aslan, all of the children find themselves in Narnia and are taken to meet Aslan, the Great Lion. Together, in Aslan's Triumph, they set off to fight the White Witch and reverse her evil spell.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bountiful Blessing: Eurasia

My church has a strong emphasis on missions and missions education. Each year members and friends of our church are encouraged to read six missions books. Each of the books are available free of charge at our church to read and return. This book focuses on the missionary work that is done in a large region called Eurasia.

Back of book says:

Welcome to the Eurasia Region, one of the most complex, fascinating, and exciting places to do ministry in the world. Covering 14 times zones, it is home to 6 of the top 10 developed nations as well as hundreds of communities that live far below the poverty line.

It is within this vast region that Christ was born...Paul traveled on his missionary journeys...and Martin Luther began his movement to reform Christianity. The first Bible was also translated and printed for public distribution here.

Yet this rich legacy is often contrasted by the enormous religious and social diversity within Eurasia.

Eurasia: Bountiful Blessing shows you how the Church of the Nazarene is joining the movement of God to again reform and revive His church in this part of the world. Through spiritual nourishment, education, medical services, relief for refugees, and much more, Eurasia Nazarenes are giving hope to thousands in desperate need of the Savior.

Call to Action (page 85)

1. Visit the Eurasia Region's web site at to learn more about the exciting things God is doing in this part of the world. While you are there, take a look at the latest prayer requests for the region and spend time lifting them before the Lord in prayer.

2. Suscribe to the Eurasia Region's monthly newsletter Where Worlds Meet by emailing the editor at Each issue contians greetings from a different field; the latest news on people, events and ministries throughout the region; and information about upcoming events and prayer needs.

3. Pray for Dr. Crocker and the many other leaders and pastors sacross the great region. Pray for God to impart His wisome, guidance, and discernment in every decision they face.

4. Consider volunteering your time in one of the many ministries in the Eurasion Region. For more information, contact the regional office at or visit their web site.

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others (about different regions of the world) should be available for you to read. Check with your Pastor or NMI president for more information. If you are a Christian who is interested in missions and would like to learn more, you may purchase this book from NPH.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Krik? Krak! By Amy Crofford

My eight year old daughter recently read and enjoyed Krik? Krak! It is a children’s book filled with true stories of missionaries and their work in Haiti. Look at a world map or globe to find Haiti.

Back of Book says:

“Grandpa, please tell us a story,” the children begged.

“All right,” he answered. “Come and sit on the bench.”

Grandpa Lucien waited for the children to give him their complete attention. Then he asked, “KRIK [KRIK]?”

The children knew that meant “Are you ready to listen to a story?”

“KRAK [KRAK]!” the children exclaimed.

Grandpa knew they were ready to listen.

“Good!” he said. “Then let’s begin.”

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others similar to it should be available for your child to read at no cost. Check with your Pastor or NMI president for more information. If you are a Christian who is interested in missions and would like your child to learn about missions on their level, you may purchase the book from NPH.

My church is involved in a project that helps provide wells so the children of Haiti don't have to walk miles each day for fresh water. For more information check here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Skid by Rene Gutteridge

Skid (published May 2008) is the third book full of quirky characters in the Occupational Hazards series by Rene Gutteridge. It is similar to the old movie called Airplane in some ways, but much better because of the message of Jesus that is shared in a non-confrontational fashion.

The seven Hazard children were raised in a homeschool family that taught solid values and encouraged openness and honesty. When their parents died in an unfortunate hot-tub accident, the Hazard kids ranging in age 26-16 agreed to sell the family clowning business and venture out into the world to discover their career interests. Come along for a humorous, yet enlightening ride as the Hazard kids meet the working world and the world encounters them.

The Occupational Hazards Series:

Book 1 – Scoop
Book 2 – Snitch
Book 3 – Skid

Back of Book says:

Come Fly The Frenzied Skies!

Blissfully unaware that Atlantica Flight 1945 from Atlanta to Amsterdam is about to make aviation history, First Officer Danny McSweeney focuses his energies on navigating the turbulent personalities of an eccentric female captain, a copilot with a talent for tactless comments and conspiracy theories, and a lead flight attendant with an outsized attitude that definitely exceeds the limits for carry-on baggage.

On the other side of the cockpit door, the unscheduled inflight entertainment includes a potbellied pig, a jittery diamond courier, and the recently jilted Lucy Meredith, whose personal mantra of "What Would Oprah Do?" will be challenged by the sudden appearance of her ex and his new traveling partner. On her left sits Hank Hazard, whose unusually polite but constant requests--prompted by his covert role as a spy for the airline--test the limits of the crew's customer service.

But as Lucy and the crew discover, Hank's odd behavior is linked to a quiet faith that may play a key role in the fate of everyone on board. Especially when an unexpected traveler sets this already bumpy flight on a course toward the unfriendly skies.

To find more books by Rene Gutteridge, check her website.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snitch by Rene Gutteridge

This second book (published May 2007) in the Occupational Hazards series didn't disappoint. Each of the seven homeschooled kids in the Hazard family branches off into a new career path after their parents unfortunate death. Together the children (ages 16-26) decided to sell the family clown business and try alternate careers that interested them. They lived and learned important values in their family that they took with them into the work force. In Snitch you follow the story of Mack (Mackenzie) as she joins a police force. Be prepared for a laugh and a lesson.

The Occupational Hazards Series:

Book 1 – Scoop
Book 2 – Snitch
Book 3 – Skid

Taken from Rene Gutteridge's website:

Keeping the streets safe can be murder on the knees.

Just shy of retirement and a well-earned pension, Las Vegas Police Department Sergeant Ron Yeager's definition of "active duty" involves shifting his bad leg into a more comfortable position. But when he's requested from his mind-numbing desk job to head an undercover auto theft task force, the former narcotics officer determines to prove he's still got the right stuff. That is, until he meets his unlikely team of officers

As Yeager soon finds out, not all the crazies are on the street. An undercover rookie, the audaciously honest Mackenzie "Mack" Hazard sends Yeager's blood pressure skyrocketing by wearing her faith like an ever-present badge. Then there's Jesse Lunden, a maverick undercover officer who refuses to learn anything from an old guy with a cane. Can this tangle of egos and eccentrics be trained into a lean, mean, crime-fighting machine--even when they are being drawn into something much bigger and more dangerous than anyone imagined?

All books in this series could stand alone, but reading them in order of publication is useful because each book builds a little on the last, but the author makes sure you have all needed information in each book to understand the character the book is based on. For a good laugh find any book in this series.

To find more of Rene Gutteridges books, check her website.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scoop by Rene Gutteridge

Scoop (published October 2006) is a quirky, yet fun book by Rene Gutteridge that is part of a series - The Occupational Hazards. It is about the Hazard family who grew up working in the family business - clowning. Their parents homeschooled the seven children and taught them important values like honesty, a good work ethic and respect. When the parents decided to take their first vacation ever an unfortunate accident took place, both parents died, but the book is more about life than death. In this series, the author is writing a book about each of the siblings. The honesty and spiritual strength of the Hazard children takes their world by surprise. Hilarity and growth come together when the Hazards begin their careers.

The Occupational Hazards Series:

Book 1 – Scoop
Book 2 – Snitch
Book 3 – Skid

Taken from Rene Gutteridge's Website:

Channel 7 News producer Hugo Talley dreams of working with first-class professionals. Instead he’s saddled with an aging anchorwoman who refuses to release her claw-like grip on the newsdesk, a conscience-stricken reporter who’s reluctant to focus on sensationalism, and a new assistant–former homeschool student Hayden Hazard–who can’t just seem to leave her faith outside the newsroom. When the Channel 7 News team inadvertently stumbles on a hot news story, Hugo is frantic to exploit this rare opportunity. But a series of crises–including a Botox disaster and the disappearance of a colleague–threatens to destroy his chance for ratings success and send him completely over the edge. With their oddball antics and all-too-real foibles, this lovable cast of characters offers a hilarious look at the sometimes unexpected effects of taking one’s faith boldly into the workplace.

If you want to relax from the cares of the world and enjoy a good chuckle, then find a copy of Scoop and then find the remainder of the books in the series. All three books so far are filled with fun and lessons in disguise.

To find more of Rene Gutteridges books, check her website.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock

I was thrilled to find out that my library finally ordered the last book in this series, so I could catch up with the Branning family and find out how they dealt with the global catastrophe.
Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light
From Terri's Website:
As the Pulses that caused the outage are finally coming to an end, thirteen-year-old Beth Branning witnesses a murder. Threatened by the killer, she keeps the matter to herself. But her silence could cost her life.

Meanwhile, as Deni's ex-fiancé returns to Crockett with a newfound faith and the influence to get things done, Deni is torn between the man who can fulfill all her dreams and Mark Green, the man who inhabits them.

As the world slowly emerges from the crisis, the Brannings face their toughest crisis yet. Will God require more of them than they've already given? How will they keep their faith if he doesn't answer their prayers?
By far the best book in the Restoration Series because it brings closure to many (not all) of the issues brought up in the three previous books. I think this book was the hardest for me to read because of the subject matter and considering myself in the place of those suffering. We must decide today that we will praise and love the Lord no matter what comes our way because even as Christians we are to expect trials and tribulations. God will give us the wisdom and strength we need to make it through each situation that comes our way. We must also be available to our fellow man who suffers and be willing to share the love of Jesus.
Terri shares a salvation message in each of her books. If you have questions about Jesus and a relationship with Him, contact a Bible believing church near you or feel free to leave questions in the comment section that I will attempt to answer.
Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

True Light by Terri Blackstock

I read True Light almost a year ago and wanted to share a little from the book before sharing about the last book in the series that I read recently.

Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light

From Terri's Website:

As Oak Hollow grapples with a global power blackout, a teenager is shot in a food robbery. Jailed as the suspect, young Mark Green must prove his innocence to a community that has already judged him in its heart. But the Branning family stands with him as he fights to survive—and forgive.

I enjoyed reading True Light and looked forward to the conclusion in Dawn's Light. This series details what could happen if we were faced with a global power outage? How would you survive? I know it would be complicated for me and my family given that we aren't anywhere near a water supply and have very little land (think townhouse) for growing crops. People would certainly have to pool their knowledge and resources for survival. Start at the beginning and find a copy of Last Light and read all four books in the series as you consider what you would do if you were the Brannings or some other character in this novel.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Night Light by Terri Blackstock

I read Night Light two years ago and decided to post briefly about it before posting about the last book in the series that I read recently. Most of the information below is taken directly from Terri Blackstock's website since my memory is a bit sketchy on the specific details now.

Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light

From Terri's website:

Learn the true cause of the global power outage that has brought the Brannings to their knees!

Technology is a thing of the past as a power outage covers the globe. One family struggles to do what’s right when so much is going wrong. When the Brannings catch two boys breaking into their home, Jeff tracks them to a filthy apartment and discovers a family of children living alone, stealing to stay alive. Where is their mother? The search for answers uncovers a trail of desperation and murder... and for the Brannings, a powerful new purpose that can transform their entire community—and above all, themselves.

Night Light is a book that makes you think about what you might do in a similar situation. What would you do in the face of a global catastrophe? How would you survive? Who is your neighbor? Answer these questions and more as you read Night Light.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

Last Light by Terri Blackstock

I read Last Light a while back, but decided to give the brief info on the book from Terri's website just so you have an intro to the series, since I'm planning to share about the last book that I finished recently. Every book in the series is easy to read (I think a person with a fifth or sixth grade reading level could read them with no problem. There is a lot of violence not graphically described, but I would caution letting children read the books without parental guidance. I'd say the books would be best read by high school age and above), but interesting to consider how we might live in a similar situation. I enjoyed each book in this series. The main characters were well developed and the author did a lot of research to present the catastrophe described in this book to the best of her ability.

Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light

From Terri's website:

Today, the world as you know it will end. No need to turn off the lights.

Your car suddenly stalls and won’t restart. You can’t call for help because your cell phone is dead. Everyone around you is having the same problem... and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your city is in a blackout. Communication is cut off. Hospital equipment won’t operate. And airplanes are falling from the sky.

Is it a terrorist attack . . . or something far worse?

Check your local library for a copy of Last Light and take yourself into a world where many would live in constant fear.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

A Sister's Hope by Wanda Brunstetter

A Sister's Hope brings the conclusion to several issues that were introduced earlier in this series. In the first two books, I didn't even suspect the guilty party that this book reveals to be the one who carried the grudge against the Hostettler family. I did begin to have doubts regarding the perpetrator in this novel. This book tied everything up nicely.

Sisters of Holmes County

Book 1 – A Sister’s Secret
Book 2 – A Sister’s Test
Book 3 – A Sister’s Hope

Back of book says:

A woman’s search for truth and love…
A man’s quest to prove his innocence…
A father’s determination to protect his family…

Martha is the youngest of the Hostettler sisters and the most daring. While her main focus has been on her dog breeding business, Martha has also been troubled about the continuing attacks against her family and home in an Ohio Amish community.

When the prime suspect turns out to be Luke Friesen – the man she loves – Martha decides to play detective. But what will the search for truth cost?

Luke seems to have taken the wrong road in life. With a definite motive and a myriad of methods, he looks guilty as sin. Will Martha’s hope in his innocence be enough to bring the real criminal to justice?

Roman Hostettler disapproves of the love blossoming between his daughter and Luke. In his determination to drive the couple apart, discord and dissension grow within the family.

Will Luke and Martha’s love for each other and their hope in God waver? Or will they find the courage to seek justice and bring their love to light?

Travel with Wanda into a quieter place where people learn to make do with less and love both their fellow man and their God deeply. This book (whole series) should be available online, at local libraries and bookstores.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Winners of Randy Alcorn's August Book Giveaway

If you entered to win Randy Alcorn's August book giveaway, check his blog to find out if you are a winner. Each of the three winners will receive autographed copies of Money, Possessions and Eternity. Even if you weren’t a winner, you can still find lots of great, free resources on money and possessions at the Eternal Perspective Ministries website, including excerpts from Money, Possessions and Eternity, such as Practical Guidelines to Control Spending. I'm definitely going to do some reading there because with prices the way they are today we all need to learn new ways to best use the resources God has entrusted to each of us.

Next month’s giveaway will be a newly released book called Touch Points: Heaven, inspired by Randy Alcorn’s best-selling comprehensive book Heaven. So check Randy's blog on September 8!