Thursday, August 30, 2007

Online Book Club

I'm getting ready to start an online book discussion group through Yahoo. It is an open group and members can invite other people if they would like. The first book to be discussed is "Sacred Influence: How God Uses Wives to Shape the Souls of Their Husbands" by Gary Thomas. I'm really excited about this book.

We are going to limit the group to discussion of the book and the questions the author has provided to keep the mail volume down. Currently the plan is to cover a chapter a week starting mid to end of September, but it could change as needed by members of the group. If at anytime you need to you can change your subscription to no mail and just check messages through the website or you can get a daily digest.

The book is available through some libraries and the author's website or here or a host of other online groups and possibly local bookstores.I have set up some polls, links and files that you can check out once you join. Gary is also willing to answer questions from the group when we get to the half way point or finish whichever we prefer.

I'm excited and would love to have others join in this journey. If you are interested feel free to join - see link on the top left side of this blog.


Christina Berry said...

I loved his Sacred Marriage. Changed my view of being a wife forever!

Robin said...

I'm reading "Sacred Marriage" by myself and reading "Sacred Influence" with a couple friends and will start a study of Sacred Influence with a group in a couple weeks. I'm excited about both books.