Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas

Some friends and I have just started to read a new book that will challenge us - "Sacred Influence: What A Man Needs From His Wife To Be The Husband She Wants" by Gary Thomas. So far we have only read chapter one and we are going to take it slow so we can digest, learn and apply to our lives and marriages. We just got an email back from the author today with study guide questions, so we are excited to begin this new journey.


Robin said...

For a taste of the book - here are the chapter 1 study guide questions from the author.

Chapter 1: The Glory of a Godly Woman

1) What is the difference between trying to change a man and trying to influence him?

2) Do you think it’s true that women tend to be more invested in their marriages than men? If so, why do you think this is? What are the challenges of such a reality?

3) If you “caught” your husband bragging about you, what do you think he would be saying? What would you like to hear him say in the future? Is there anything you can start doing to build on this?

4) On a scale of one to ten, one being, “I feel best about myself when men like me and pay attention to me,” and ten being, “I believe I’m worthy because I’m made in the image of God and am loved by God,” where would you fall? What can women do—for themselves and to encourage other women—to move up that scale?

5) How does your image of yourself as a woman compare with the Scriptures Gary shared in this chapter? What was different?

6) What are the marks of a woman who has turned her marriage into idolatry? How would doing this undercut a woman’s power to positively influence her husband in a godly way?

Jennifer K said...

I've been trying to download the study guide from Gary Thomas' website for at least week. It is the only one that I can't open! I've contacted the author with no response. I wonder if you would be comfortable emailing me the study guide you received.
Thanks jen