Friday, January 18, 2008

Justice in the Burbs: Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live by Will and Lisa Samson

Wow! Justice in the Burbs already feels like a keeper and I'm only on the second chapter. Will and Lisa Samson have united their talents and taken a creative approach at sharing a story and a challenge. Each of the twelve chapters are divided into three sections. The first section is a story written by Lisa about fictional characters, Matt and Christine Marshall, a suburban couple who are taking an emotional and life-changing journey by asking themselves the hard questions. Will tackles the second section which is a discussion of issues related to Lisa's narrative. Finally each chapter ends with a meditation in response to the story.

This book reminds me some of one of Lisa's other novels, which I enjoyed tremendously, Quaker Summer. If you get a chance, I'd recommend that you read it also.

The back cover of Justice in the Burbs says:

In the suburban world of nice homes, neat lawns, and new cars, it can be easy to forget about social justice. Life keeps us busy, and the poor and disenfranchised of our world are invisible as we go from our garage to our workplace and back again. But suburbanites can be a force for social justice in the world.

In this unique book, you will take a journey with a young couple from the burbs as they learn to notice and act on the issues of justice that abound everywhere. This engaging narrative will help you kiss apathy and ignorance good-bye in favor of a life of concern and action.

For more info and reader reviews check out the Justice in the Burbs Blog. For some thought provoking quotes go to Think on This.

Are you up for a challenge? Are you ready to let go of the status quo? If so check your local library or bookstore or here for this enlightening book, Justice in the Burbs: Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live.

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