Sunday, February 10, 2008

Signs of Life by David Jeremiah

Since Monday is the start of Random Acts of Kindness week (February 11-17, 2007) I wanted to share a little from a book that I am reading, Signs of Life by David Jeremiah. I was planning on just giving you a little taste of a few of his ideas, but I couldn’t decide which ones to eliminate because they are all terrific ideas. I'm sure I'll have more to say about the book, once I finish reading it next month.

Before I give Pastor Jeremiah's ideas to you, I challenge you as his book has challenged me to make a list of five people you plan to encourage this week – and write down an idea or two about how you might encourage each one of them.

So what are some specific ways we can roll up our sleeves, use our muscles, and sweat out some kindness for Jesus’ sake? The simplest answer is the oldest one: find a need and fill it. Ask God to show you a specific need and then to empower you in meeting it.

· Do you know someone undergoing chemotherapy who could use a meal brought in on the day of the treatment?

· Does a single mother in your neighborhood need help with lawn mowing or yard work?

· What about volunteering at your local school or hospital? Or visiting a nursing home to chat with the elderly, pray with the lonely, and perhaps organize visits by children’s choirs or choral groups?

· If there’s a homeless shelter or soup kitchen in your area, consider offering your time on a regular basis.

· Establish a family tradition of taking a basket of groceries to a needy home every Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.

· Ask your church leaders about the congregation’s benevolent ministries and find a place to help.

· Take the lead in helping your church adopt a section of local roadway to keep clean.

· Consider taking a missions trip to help build a church, give immunizations, teach VBS, or renovate an orphanage.

· Investigate the possibilities of helping refuges settle in your town or city.

· Volunteer to teach English as a second language in your church or community.

· Donate books to the local prison, linens to the local rescue mission, or tutoring time to the local school.

For additional ideas to let your neighbors know you care go to Actions Speak Loudest.


Anonymous said...
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jel said...

hi Robin,
i was wonding if that was a good book to read?

Robin said...

I'm on Day 14 now and really like it a lot!

Robin said...
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Tiffany Stuart said...

Excellent challenge. I actually set my book aside for a month or so, I will pick it back up and see where I am at. It was a good and challenging read. I am always reading more than one book. Need to finish what I start.

Thanks for the reminder.

Robin said...

I'm enjoying the book Tiffany. If you look to the side on the blog you will see I'm reading several books simultaneously also. One book, I'm reading with a group and doing a study and the rest I'm reading on my own. I use treadmill time at the gym as reading time and it always feels good to exercise body and soul together.