Saturday, April 5, 2008

Book Giveaway - Running on Empty and Looking for the Nearest Exit by Annie Chapman

Digging for Pearls recently stopped by my reading room to announce that she is doing a book giveaway - Running On Empty And Looking For The Nearest Exit by Annie Chapman. I’ve never heard of the book, but the title sounds intriguing. If you would like to chance win the book, leave a comment on her blog sharing the top ten struggles you face as a Christian woman and list your age. If you are uncomfortable sharing this information via her blog you can email your answers to her at

I'd also be interested in reading what your top struggles are as a Christian woman. I have a feeling we share many of the same issues. Feel free to leave comments here too.


Deb said...

1. Stress

2. Physical Problems

3. Marital Issues

4. Financial Problems/bills

5. In-laws

6. Loved ones harming themselves by making poor choices and a young child is involved.

7. Losing Weight

8. Losing loved ones

9. Friendships with women

10. Learning to say no!

age: 58

Sarah said...

1. Self-will

2. Self-control

3. Confidence

4. Fears

5. Time Management

6. Housework

7. Meal Planning

8. Managing Computer Time

9. Getting the Proper Amount of Sleep

10. Relaxation