Friday, April 4, 2008

Kay's Booklist from Books and Starbucks

Mel from Books and Starbucks has started a new reading blog and is co-authoring it with Kay from Loopdeloops. Kay has a list of 36 books that she would like to know whether you have read, if it's on your list to read, or if you need to know more about the book. Go to Mel's blog to read Kay's description of each of the books, see below to read my description or to find out that I know absolutely nothing about the book. I've decided not to add to her list (with a couple of exceptions where I mentioned a book that was similar to one she listed) at the moment, but probably will in both Mel's comments section and my comments later.

I bolded the books that I've read and italicized the books that I'd like to read, was too lazy to put the books I don't know about in all CAPS.

I'd love to know which books you think are must reads regardless of whether or not they are listed below - please share those with me on my blog.

1. In His Steps – Charles M. Sheldon – Excellent book I read as a teenager and later read the modern retelling, What Would Jesus Do? by Charles Sheldon’s great-grandson, Garrett W. Sheldon. The second was easier to read

2. The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom – I either read the book or watched the movie, can’t remember when I was a teenager.

3. Mere Christianity – C. S. Lewis – haven’t read it, but its on my list.

4. Pilgrim’s Progress -- John Bunyan – I think I read it as a teenager and have the children’s version for my kids.

5. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe – haven’t read it, not sure I will – maybe. A similar type book that wasn’t too difficult to read was Tortured for Christ by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of Voice of the Martyrs. I posted about this book on this blog.

6. The Screwtape Letters – C.S. Lewis – Excellent book I read while in college. In the last year I read two similar books set in the modern day by Randy Alcorn - Lord Foulgrin’s Letters and The Ishbane Conspiracy. If the Screwtape Letters are too difficult for you to get into because of the time era, I think you will find Randy Alcorn’s work much easier to read. All three books are excellent. I made a mini post about Lord Foulgrin’s letters on this blog.

7. Christy -- Catherine Marshall – I’ve seen the tv series, but haven’t read the book.

8. Through Gates of Splendor – Elisabeth Elliot – haven’t read this one and don’t know anything about it.

9. Run Baby Run –Nicky Cruz -- I think I saw the movie when I was a teenager and may have read it too.

10. Hind’s Feet in High Places – Hannah Hurnard -- I thought it was a beautiful story.

11. Redeeming LoveFrancine Rivers -- Haven't read this one yet, but it’s on my list of books to read

12. The Debt – Angela Hunt -- I've read several of Angela Hunts and enjoyed them, but this one is still on my list of books to read.

13. The Chronicles of Narnia – C. S. Lewis – I haven’t read them yet, but plan to with my children. I’ve seen two different versions of the movie.

14. Get Out of that Pit – Beth Moore – haven’t read this one, but its also on my list.

15. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren -- I read this with my church, didn’t find anything profound, but I’m sure it can help people who need to know what the author is sharing. Its always good to be reminded of the basics. I read a similar book also with my church called The Power to Be Free: Discovering Life in the Spirit of Christ by Frank Moore. I liked the second one better, but it too was a lot of review.

16. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire – Jim Cymbala – Awesome books, I also read the second and third books in this series. Fresh Faith and Fresh Power. All INCREDIBLE!

17. The Prayer of Jabez – Bruce Wilkinson – I’ve read it.

18. The Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges – I haven’t read it but would like to know more, the title sounds good.

19. Phantastes – George MacDonald – Kay your description sounds interesting, I may look for it at my library.

20. Any biography of George Mueller – haven’t read any of his bios.

21. Any biography of D.L. Moody – haven’t read any, but I just might.

22. Any biography of Amy Carmichael – I’ve heard great things about her, but haven’t read her biography. Will put her books on my list.

23. A Severe Mercy – Sheldon Vanauken – I’ve never heard of the author or the book.

24. Heaven – Randy Alcorn – I haven’t read it, but it is definitely on my list. I’m hoping to read the children’s version with my kids if my library ever purchases it. I also read the condensed version – 50 Days of Heaven and really appreciated and enjoyed it.

25. The Practice of the Presence of God –Brother Lawrence – haven’t read this and don’t know anything about it.

26. Any biography of William Tyndale – haven’t read any.

27. Evidence That Demands a Verdict – Josh McDowell – Title sounds great, but I haven’t read it.

28. The Knowledge of the Holy – A.W. Tozer – I enjoy Tozer quotes – sounds like a good book.

29. This Present Darkness – Frank Peretti – I listened to this book while alone in a huge house in the woods with open windows when I was 22 years old– scared me to death, but I think I could handle it now better.

30. Twelve Hours One Friday – Max Lucado – I may have read it – not sure I’ve read many of Max’s books and enjoyed them.

31. The Bondage Breaker -- Neil T. Anderson – I have skimmed it and will probably read it someday.

32. The Case For Christ – Lee Strobel – I may own this book? Not sure, but if not I will most likely read it.

33. Left Behind – Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins – I read the entire series. I enjoyed the prequels best and the very last book. I also read the teen series.

34. The Jesus I Never Knew – Phillip Yancy – I haven’t read this one, but most likely will at some point.

35. The Book of God –Walter Wangerin Jr. – haven’t read it – need more info.

36. At Home in Mitford, (or any of the series) – Jan Karon – I haven’t read these books, but several women have told me how much they love the series.


Kay said...

As I read your list the ones I think you really should read are The Hiding Place if you aren't sure you read it. It is so much better than the movie.

Christy is just full of wonderful spiritual insight as well as being a beautiful story. The show wasn't exactly like the book.

And you must read about George Mueller.

Robin said...

I will check my library for the books and add them to my never ending list :) good thing I like to read. I will add more of my favorites in the comments section when I have time, I will just list some instead of going into detail on each book. I will save the detail for books I post about...

Right now I'm putting the most effort into reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas - its a great book. I hope to finish it soon and will definitely post about it.