Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson

I found this short Christmas book on the shelves of my church library a while back and finally read it early this week.

Back cover of the book says:
It's only two weeks before Christmas, and Edith Ryan is disappointed to learn that none of her children are coming home for the holidays. Her large house, which doubles as The Shepherd's Inn the rest of the year, will feel so empty without them. And it's too late to open the inn for Christmas reservations - surely everyone else has their plans made by now. In a town where Christmas is a way of life all year long, going through the holidays alone is just about enough to bring her to tears.

Suddenly, Edith knows what she has to do - she'll invite strangers to book those rooms usually reserved for family during the week of Christmas. When the guest list shapes up to include a cantankerous old woman and a mysterious young couple with a broken-down hippie bus and a baby on the way. Edith wonders if she made the right choice. Will it blow up in her face? Or could she be entertaining angels unaware?

Journey to Christmas Valley, Idaho for a visit and meet some quirky characters that you may recognize from your town. Then ask yourself how Jesus would have you respond to the people you meet that may be different than you...

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