Sunday, March 29, 2009

Inside Cinderella's Castle by Janet Britton

My brother, David told me about a book a friend from his church wrote that is yet to be published. Below in italics you will find information about her book and how you can support her in a contest through Amazon that just might be her ticket to publication with Penguin.

Her book is listed under historical fiction, since Amazon didn't have a category for Christian fiction. The book immediately takes you to the present disillusionment of marriage through the eyes of a young woman as she tells her mother that her marriage is over. The mother listens and remembers her past and then begins to tell a story... for more go to this link.

As you might already know, after my last book, To Live Each Moment, I’ve worked on a novel, though life has always taken precedence.

When I finally finished the novel, Inside Cinderella’s Castle, on a whim, I asked our former foster daughter to help me enter the's Breakthrough Novel Award for 2009. (She put it under historical since it takes place in 1967-68 and there was no Christian category. How surprising!) At that point I decided to quit tormenting myself with writing. After a week at Myrtle Beach, praying about what direction God would have me go, I returned home to an e-mail notification that Inside Cinderella’s Castle had made the cut for quarter finalists (800 out of the 5000+ entered). This tier is like the American Idol for authors. I laughed and told God I would work hard at soliciting positive reviews for two weeks, just in case this was His answer to what I am to do for Him. March 24th I started marketing myself—opened a Facebook account to get in touch with former students, made arrangements to open a Web page, had an interview with local paper. . . all extremely out of my comfort zone.

I’m writing this because I need your help. I need as many positive reviews as I can get. If you feel comfortable supporting me, please write a positive review on the website.

Here’s how to write a review:

I. If you have bought from and have an account, you simply go to and log into your account. In the search box to the right of "books” type in Janet Britton and you will see To Live Each Moment and a browse Historical Fiction. Click on Inside Cinderella's Castle, download for free. You will receive a notice of the cost of $0.00. . . (If you wish just skim the first couple of pages and say you're excited to read the rest of the novel. The contest just counts number of positive reviews.)

II. If you have not bought from Amazon before, you will have to go to, fill out proper spaces with name, address, purchasing info, and wait 24 hours to enter a positive review that will cost $0.00. (Several have said they had to purchase one item before voting – that I’m not sure.)

III. My excerpt can also be found on the following link: .

At first I thought the contest requirements were bogus, but I see that they’re just good business. Penguin, offering a publishing contract as the prize, will be able to see what author will market her work. Amazon potentially gets an enlarged customer base by requiring that voters first register as customers. In the publishing world today, writing the novel is only the first step. Marketing is essential. I guess this will tell me if I'm willing to do the rest of the job.Well, I'm not sure what God is saying to me, but I'm trying to listen so I'll know what my purpose is when I grow up. I appreciate any help you can give me.


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