Thursday, March 12, 2009

Play It Again. SAHM by Meredith Efken

This enjoyable book was found by accident on the new books shelf at my library. Unfortunately it's the third in a series and I haven't read book two yet. Reading the third book second definitely spoiled book two for me (I know many of the secrets), but it won't stop me from reading it as soon as I can get my hands on it. A friend is reading book two now and enjoying it immensely. The author knows how to bring humor and insight into issues that moms deal with on a daily basis.

Book 1 - SAHM I am
Book 2 - @ Home for the Holidays
Book 3 - Play It Again. SAHM

Back of Books Says:


After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!

Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with the Queen of Ego, Rosalyn. When things go from bad to worse, one mom must step in to save the weekend from total disaster!

For more info check the author's website.

ISBN: 0373786468

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