Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Wish by Robin Parrish

On May 15th I received a newsletter from Robin Parrish, a Christian, suspense, author whose work I discovered at my local library and it contained the following:

I wish life were simpler.
I wish so many of us didn't have to work so hard for so little.
I wish some of us didn't have to live with endless aches and pains.
I wish we didn't ever have to face tragedy, or hopelessness, or loss.
I wish our bodies and minds didn't deteriorate over time.
I wish there were never things that needed fixing, mending, or cleaning up.
I wish so many didn't have to live alone.
I wish my loved ones didn't have to worry or suffer.
I wish my little boy didn't have to grow up in a world that's going to bring him some measure of sorrow.
I wish feelings never got hurt, misunderstandings never occurred between friends, and hearts would never be broken.
I wish life was never hard.

But then... how could we fathom the beauty of spring if we did not first live through the stark, icy winter?It's not the pain that defines us, my friends. It's not what this world throws at us. It's the knowledge, the belief we hold in our hearts that this is not all there is. That nothing we go through is in vain.And that we are bought and purchased by he who is greater.


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