Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Note II by Angela Hunt

I'm not usually interested in love stories, but I decided to read this because I read the first book The Note a few years ago and then I found the movie recently. I enjoyed the book more than the movie and will watch the movie for this book soon. I do prefer to read the book before watching the movie since I generally enjoy reading more than watching.

Back of the Book Says:

After covering the story of an ill-fated Pan World flight, newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder returns to her job as the Heart Healer with two new loves in her life - Kingston Danville, a sports editor, and Christine Lugar, the daughter she surrendered to an adoption agency nineteen years before. When a reader challenges Peyton's advice to "let caution trump passion," Peyton determines to learn the reason behind the woman cynicism... and, in the process, discovers an answer to her own heartrending dilemma.

This book isn't typical of Angela Hunt's style. She generally isn't afraid to eliminate beloved characters or those that are on the verge of "getting it" which makes her books resemble real life. The first book, The Note ended in a way that left a measure of sadness although a lot of learning took place for the predominate character. The first movie ended with more of a happily ever after type feel which felt good, but isn't always the way life goes. Her books have more depth and offer suspense, but this book was pretty simple to figure out probably because the author wrote the book based on the first movie rather than the first book.

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ISBN 978-1-4143-3295-6
Tyndale Fiction

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