Monday, July 23, 2007

Children's Missions Books

Six new mission books correlate with each year's theme. Three books are written for all readers (grades 1-6), and three for Advanced Readers (grades 4-6).

All-Reader Books (grades 1 through 6) ...

A Monkey Ate My Homework —a story set in Cotonou, Benin
by Matt Price

Three third-culture kids shared a common experience, much like MKs. Born in one culture, they lived in another culture, and became products of both. The three friends attended a British school where their missionary teacher gave them a challenging assignment. For Shin, the assignment became more of a challenge than he expected.

The Jesus Jeepney—a story about evangelism and volunteerism in the Philippines by Wes Eby

When Benjy’s family moved to Manila so his father could teach at the seminary, Benjy learned how the Gospel is shared through creative transportation. Nine-year-old Benjy, an adventuresome boy, had a knack for getting lost. But he became instrumental in helping some “lost” Filipino boys find Christ as their Savior.

The Trail of the Wooden Horse—a story about an unreached people group in Ukraine known as Gypsies by Judi Wiegman

When fire destroyed their cabin, Luda joined a caravan in search of a better life for her children, Anna and Alex. Their journey brought adventure and intrigue when Alex wandered into a village for a JESUS film showing and Anna met Valya, a Nazarene pastor’s daughter.

Advanced Reader Books (grades 4 through 6)

Snowballs and Coconuts—a story based on the life of O. L. King, an early missionary to Antigua by Cheryl Crouch

Oscar thought he had everything he could possibly want until he tasted coconut. He determined someday he would have all he could eat. But his plan to purchase the coconut he spied in a store window was diverted by snowballs and a boy named Ben. Oscar’s obedience to God brought contentment, friendship, and a tasty reward.

The Captain, His Daughter, and Their Discovery—a collection of stories about life on the mission field by Harmon Schmelzenbach and his daughter, Danielle

When the Schmelzenbachs became missionaries, they soon discovered their lives had changed forever. Through Harmon and Danielle’s personal insights and perspectives, learn how they faced the challenges of unfamiliar, unpredictable, and uncontrollable circumstances and made their greatest discovery.

The Case of the Secret Box—a story that gives insight into Japanese culture and the work of a Nazarene tentmaker by Amy Crofford

To help Keiko learn about their Japanese heritage, her mother gave her a special box with a mystery to solve while in Japan visiting her cousin Ai. With Ai’s help, Keiko not only solved the mystery and earned her own special box, but met Jason Lovelace and learned about tentmaker missionaries.

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