Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock

Last year I found Terri Blackstock in our public library - ok, I didn't find her just some of her books. I'd like to highlight the books in her "Restoration Series."

Book 1 - "Last Light"
Book 2 - "Night Light"
Book 3 - "True Light" (released summer 2007)
Book 4 - "Dawn's Light" (not published yet)

I've read books one and two and am still waiting for our library to order book 3 - hmm. Well, books one and two focus on what-would happen if their was a global catastrophe where all power, electricity, computer chips, etc. were no longer operational resulting in no mass communication or transportation and so much more. The story took us from the current times back to "Little House on the Prairie" days. Readers are invited into the lives of a family as they discover the depth of their spiritual life and what it means for them in a world wide blackout. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on books three and eventually the final installment.

A question to ask yourself... What would you do if the world suddenly lost all power and you had to rely on your creativity, team work and most importantly God to provide for survival?

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