Thursday, July 19, 2007

Martyr's Song Series by Ted Dekker

I first came across Ted Dekker's work in a book he co-authored with Bill Bright, "Blessed Child." It is a wonderful book that challenges the reader to seriously consider what is valued in this life. In this novel the main characters are an orphan, a relief worker and a woman who has severe burns on her body. If I recall correctly the woman was also a relief worker, but its been at least three or four years since I read the book. In this story God's power is poured out in amazing ways - ways that are almost beyond belief, but God does work beyond our capacities to understand. It was most interesting to see the things that hindered God's power and work - things we may not think of immediately. There is a second book in the series called, "A Man Called Blessed." Personally I liked the first book best, but they were both worth the time to read.

Now on to the series that I read this past winter - Martyr's Song. Ted Dekker suggests that we read "The Martyr’s Song" first to get an understanding of the story line. He says that the other books can be read in any order. I suggest the order below if you want things to be in chronological order, but it really doesn't matter.

1. "The Martyr’s Song" - This novel helps the reader understand that heaven is more real than life on earth.
2. "Heaven’s Wager" - He loses everything of value to him and comes up with the perfect crime or so he thinks - thought provoking.
3. "When Heaven Weeps" - An allegory that makes us think of the truest love story of all time. This novel helps us realize what we have to offer the Lord and what he endured to show us HIS love.
4. "Thunder of Heaven" - A terrorist story with a twist.

"When Heaven Weeps" touched me the deepest of all of the books in this series. I would have said "The Martyr's Song" but it is summarized in "When Heaven Weeps." But read them both for a greater understanding of the story. "The Martyr's Song" is a quick read if you have Kleenex handy. It is an absolutely beautiful martyr story - I know that sounds hard to believe, but it is. Reading this book was the start of changing my perspective on life and death and eternity. I've always believed in all of them, but somehow I felt that life here in the shadowlands was more important than life in Heaven - the real world. I guess its because I can touch earth and the people I love while Heaven is beyond my grasp at the moment. Reading Ted Dekker's books and Randy Alcorn's books have helped me to begin thinking of eternity with fresh vision. I'm longing for real life to begin of course in God's time.

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