Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Wait Until Then" by Randy Alcorn

Wait Until Then is a moving book that Randy Alcorn wrote to help educate children about heaven. It has beautiful illustrations and a story line that will appeal to children up to about 10-11 years old. My children ages 4 and 7 enjoyed it and called it "happy, sad." Its great to have a book made especially for children that teaches biblical principles. To see what the author has to say about the book see his blog or check out his website.

My seven-year-old daughter knows that I love to read Randy Alcorn's books. When I gave her the book and told her that I wanted her to read it to her brother. She read the title, then the author, and a look of amazement came to her face. She was thrilled to be reading the same author as her mama. She was so excited to be the first one to read our libraries' copy - it's those simple pleasures that bring the most joy.

You can purchase the book from a Christian bookstore, secular bookstore, from Randy online at his website or many other places. I requested that our library purchase the book and to my great joy they did! For more info click here

One wonderful thing about this book is that Randy Alcorn is donating the proceeds to Joni and Friends.

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