Monday, March 17, 2008

Adam by Ted Dekker

Adam is an intense story. Consider it a Christian version of Criminal Minds with more character development. Its an FBI drama following the lives of two children who suffered horrible ritual abuse from their kidnapper until they ran away from what they knew as home at ages 15 and 16. The elder sibling begins a life of crime, methodically killing women each lunar cycle. Don't worry there aren't many gruesome details.

Before the first chapter of the book is an installment for a crime journal the first of nine - the last installment is at the very end of the book. With each monthly installment, you learn more details of the lives of this brother and sister and begin to piece their story together. If you read the magazine articles before the novel it contains spoilers and will take away your chance at solving the mystery on your own.

The agnostic, special agent who is investing the case is a psychologist who specializes in profiling the criminal mind. In the story he dies and lives to tell about it. If you are interested in crime stories this book will give you something to chew on... Adam takes you beyond the crime and to a deeper level we can all learn from.

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