Monday, March 10, 2008

Uncharted by Angela Hunt

This novel by Angela Hunt is something else. Six college students in search of money are brought together by John Weston, a man with a book (Happily Ever After) to sell. The students built long-lasting relationships because of their united purpose in selling this book. Join the college chums twenty years post graduation and find out how the book effected their lives - some read it and others didn't. Their unique responses to the book made a difference in the big picture. I hestitate to give too much away by sharing my thoughts, so I will share the back cover of the book:

"...A blend of the movies Castaway and The Big Chill, with a touch of the television series Lost, creatively thrown together with the biblical story fo the beggar Lazarus and C.S. Lewis's The Great Divorce." ~ Publisher's Weekly

"It was supposed to be an adventure. A little time off to honor the memory of a friend and complete a service project in the tropics. Do good deeds while getting a tan."

"But when a storm rocks their plans, five long-time friends from college find themselves hurled onto a desolate island, and relief fades to fear. Here nature rules with a vengeance. The lone shelter from raw conditions is a sinister cave. Are they victims of a bizarre psychological experiement? Or could this godforsaken place have the power to maroon them forever?"

The author takes the first half of the book to develop the characters before the real story takes place, but the information is necessary to help the reader gain an understanding of each character and their personality quirks. I think, if we are honest, we will find that we identify on some level either in our past or the present time. You may not agree with all of the theology in this book, but it's definitely worth the read. If you have questions, look for the answers in a Bible or talk with a Bible-believing Pastor.

Uncharted Disgussion Guide Questions

If you are reading this and are unsure of your relationship with the Creator of the Universe who sent HIS Son, Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for your sins, take time right now to begin a relationship with HIM. You can start by reading The Four Spiritual Laws and by finding a living Bible-based church.

We have all been wounded on some level and only God can heal those wounds, but only if we give HIM permission to begin the oftentimes, painful work. This life is a brief ripple in time and then eternity begins. Let God's love rule your mind and actions here on earth as you prepare for eternity with HIM!


Julie said...

This book sounds very interesting, I will try to read it if I get the chance. Thanks.

Robin said...

It was definitely interesting not one of those books that gives you everything you want all tied up with pretty ribbons though. Its realistic and sometimes reality isn't all that great. The book was good though because it forces the reader to take a hard look at their own life. I'm still thinking about it and I finished it this morning.

Kay also recommended a book by Angela Hunt - The Debt - I think. I put it on my list of books to read.

I really enjoy reading your blog and the others in your family.