Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

Melanie at Books and Starbucks shared about one of her favorite books and wrote an excellent description, so I encourage you to check out what she has to say at this link. The Hiding Place is one of those books that can help adjust our outlook on life if we allow it. I found this web site with more info on the book and Corrie Ten Boom. I haven't read the book, but I watched the movie many years ago (and love to collect Corrie Ten Boom quotes) so now it's on my to read list... Melanie shared some other wonderful quotations and lessons from the book at her other blog. Thanks Melanie!

This book cover is the one my library has in it's collection.


Julie said...

I love this book!! My favorite part is when Corrie is asking her Father about death or maybe sex, and he tells her "When do I give you the ticket for the train? and she says "right before I need them to get on" or something like that. So she learns that somethings you learn about when you need to and not before. I just love it. It makes me angry and sad and cry all at once to think about it. But I love it!

Robin said...

I've heard a lot about her story and watched the movie and appreciate her quotes when I come across them. It's on my list to read. I read some similar quotes on Mel's blog or somewhere else that you mentioned above too. Can't wait to read it...

Now I'm emptying out my kitchen of small appliances and pictures (and emptying my china cabinet) because my inlaws are coming to paint tomorrow. I'm going to keep the kids out tomorrow as long as my energy holds up to keep them out of everyone's hair during the painting and to avoid breathing the fumes as much as possible.

Then before the end of the month - we are getting our kitchen floor re-done. It's in a sad way right now, so we are so excited!

Marg said...

I remember reading this book numerous times when I was a teenager. It really moved me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Robin said...

Hi Marg,

I think that when one has endured great loss and comes out the other side victorious and praising God they tend to move and effect people. Sort of like the ultimate example - Jesus!

Have a great day!