Thursday, October 30, 2008

Try Darkness by James Scott Bell

I never would have picked this book up by looking at the cover and reading the title, but I did since I was pulled in by Try Dying. There is some violence in the book, but nothing worse than anything you would see on a crime show during prime time TV. It was better than anything you might see on television because reading allows you to savor the moments you choose use your imagination. I had to get my hands on the Try Darkness as quickly as my library could get it so I could follow Ty's next adventure and learn more about him and the other characters.

For product description and excerpt go here.

Buchanan Series

Book 1 - Try Dying
Book 2 - Try Darkness
Book 3 - Try Fear (coming July 2009)

To learn more about the Buchanan Series or read an excerpt from Try fear go to James Scott Bell's website.

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