Thursday, November 27, 2008

Breach of Promise by James Scott Bell

Breach of Promise was well-written and the characters were developed beautifully; however it was difficult for me to read because I related to it on a level as a child of divorce. The circumstances of my parents' divorce were different, yet still painful. Being separated from a parent is difficult and I so felt for the little girl in this novel. Currently someone I care about is going through a separation and possible divorce now and they have young children, so that sorrow for family loss is fresh in a new way now too.

Back of Book Says:

Mark Gillen has the storybook life other men dream of, complete with a beautiful wife and an adoring fiver-year old daughter.

The his wife announces she’s leaving him. And taking their daughter with her. The other man is a famous film director with unlimited funds and the keys to stardom and wealth for Paula. How can Mark begin to compete? But the most bitter blow comes when he is kept from seeing his daughter because of false charges… and a legal system ill-suited for finding the truth.

Forged in the darkest valley Mark has ever walked through his faith in God may ultimately cost him everything in the eyes of the family-law system. But it is the one thing that can keep him sane – and give him the strength to fight against all odds for what matters most.

James Scott Bell has a great talent for writing and I plan to read as much of his work as possible. I enjoy reading legal drama novels, since it takes the place of the crime dramas I used to watch on TV and reading is much better than television.

For more information on James Scott Bell and his novel check his website.


Lynetta said...

I love all books by James Scott Bell, but this one is exceptionally good!

I'm giving away another suspense author's latest on Open Book if you want to check it out...



Robin said...

Hi Lynetta,

I'm so behind on things because we added a newborn to our family a month ago... I'm catching up and getting back to reading. I just finised Ted Dekker and Erin Healy's book - Kiss - loved it!

I'm sure I missed your give away, but next time...

Happy New Year!