Friday, November 21, 2008

SAHM I AM by Meredith Efken

Someone at Shelfari recommended this author and when I checked my library I found SAHM I Am and decided to give it a read. It was a combination of fun and learning. The author pointed out some positive lessons with lots of humor. This book was especially fun for me because I've belonged to an email loop since my daughter was a baby and the ladies in the group have become like real friends even though I've only met one of them in the real world. Fortunately we don't have any "know it all" members in our group. We've had a freedom to be real and admit our struggles. For a fun read find of copy of this book.

Back of Book Says:

For the members of a stay-at-home-moms’ e-mail loop, lunch with friends is a sandwich in front of the computer, but where else can they discuss things like…

Success: Her workaholic husband is driving Dulcie Huckleberry around the bend. It’s hard to love someone in sickness and in health when he’s never home!

Art: Let the children express themselves, opines artistic Zelia Muzuwa, and then her son’s head gets stuck inside a kitty scratching post….

Health: Surely aches and pains are normal in an active little boy, yet those of soccer-mom Jocelyn Millard’s son don’t seem to be going away.

Motherhood: Teen-mom-turned-farmer’s-wife Brenna Lindberg can deal with the mud and the chickens, but what about her husband’s desire for a child of his own?

Indiscretions: However youthful, they can come back to haunt you, learns pastor’s wife Phyllis Lorimer.

AMends: These could stand to be made between officious list moderator Rosalyn Ebberly and her pampered sister Veronica. Perhaps the other SAHM I AMers can teach these two something about sisterhood.

Book 1 - SAHM I Am
Book 2 - @ Home for the Holidays
Book 3 - Play It Again. SAHM

Book Excerpt

Spoiler Alert - Discussion Questions

Author’s Webpage


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