Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Debt by Angela Hunt

Today I finished another book by Angela Hunt. Each of her books that I have read are unique, yet they all challenge me to look deeper at my walk with Jesus Christ and to examine my motives and to consider how I might live differently because of my love for Jesus.

The Debt is a beautiful story of one woman’s (Emma Rose) sorrows and losses and how they were redeemed for God’s glory. Her personal walk in the sin and the pain of the world was short lived compared to the time spent serving God in full-time ministry and her past was pushed into the back of her memory for the most part. After coming face to face with a person from her past, she realized that love sometimes takes us out of our comfort zone and into a place where love is needed and can grow through the nurturing, grace of God.

From the back cover:

But when Emma Rose receives a phone call from a living, breathing remnant of her troubled past, she finds herself wondering if something in her life is woefully out of balance. The presence of this unexpected intruder soon threatens everything Emma Rose has believed about her calling, her marriage, and her relationship with God.

The Debt not only invites readers to embrace the painful heartache and incomparable joy that accompany a soul’s redemption, but it challenges us to follow Christ to new and unexpected places.

Thought provoking quote from The Debt:

“The things that tempt me from following God daily aren’t sinful things,” he wrote. “They’re good things – duty to my family, to my father’s company, to the people at my church. But if I am going to devote myself to following God, I must be willing to leave the good things behind as I seek the best thing – total submission and obedience.”

If you want to enjoy a wonderful story and take away some gems of wisdom, find a copy of The Debt. Then follow Jesus to the place where you can share His love with a hurting world.

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