Monday, June 9, 2008

The Grace and Truth Paradox Book Giveaway

This month, Randy Alcorn is giving away The Grace and Truth Paradox to three randomly drawn winners. If you would like a chance to win the book, go to Randy's blog and make a comment by June 27. Winners will be announced in his blog on Monday, June 30.

I read this book a few months ago and think that many people could benefit from the truths shared.

Some thought provoking quotes I liked from the book:
People sensed that Jesus loved them, even when He spoke difficult words. He was full of grace and truth. He drew them out of the night like a light draws moths.

We’ve redefined Christlike to mean “nice.” By that definition, Christ wasn’t always Christlike. He confronted people with sin, raised His voice, threw tables, and called people snakes, blind hypocrites, and whitewashed tombs. If we don’t talk about sin and hell because we want to be nice, we’re trying to be nicer than Jesus, who spoke a great deal about both.

"Why should we have to choose between conservatism's emphasis on truth and liberalism's emphasis on grace? Why can't we oppose injustice to minorities and to the unborn? Why can't we oppose greedy ruination of the environment and anti-industry New Age environmentalism? Why can't we affirm the biblical right to the ownership of property and emphasize God's call to voluntarily share wealth with the needy? Why can’t we uphold God’s condemnation of sexual immorality, including homosexual practices, and reach out in love and compassion to those trapped in destructive lifestyles and dying from AIDS?

Something to think about that is for sure... For more information, comments, questions and answers on this powerful book, check out Randy's website. I encourage you to borrow or purchase a copy of this book. You could read it quickly or slowly depending on how much you plan to digest.
June 30, 2008 Update:
Go to Randy's blog to find out the winners of The Grace and Truth Paradox giveaway.

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