Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jesus Must Be Really Special by Jennie Bishop and illustrated by Amy Wummer

Jesus Must Be Really Special is a book that encourages training children and passing on a Godly heritage to them. The book is narrated by a young boy who observes his family love Jesus and each other in their day to day interactions. Parents may find new motivation to attempt Family Night with their children because of the samples shared in this book. There are special sections throughout the book to support parents – some are (Faith-Filled Environment, Teachable Moments, Time With God, and more).

Inside the Front Book Jacket it says:

Jesus must be really special because my mom and dad love Him so much. I mean, they REALLY love Him. I’ve been watching them, and I know!

In Jesus Must Be Really Special the young narrator comes to know and love Jesus by watching his parents and participating in their lifestyle of faith.

His family’s experiences, told in a gently humorous style, will capture your child’s attention and lead him to discover that he loves Jesus too.

Uplifting sidebar notes offer practical help for easily and intentionally passing on your faith.

Enjoy Jesus Must Be Really Special with your family and begin to share the blessings for living out your spiritual legacy.

Enjoy this book with your children as you pass your faith along to the next generation. To learn more about Heritage Builders check out their website to discover resources, activities and families to pass on a spiritual heritage to your children.

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