Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bountiful Blessing: Eurasia

My church has a strong emphasis on missions and missions education. Each year members and friends of our church are encouraged to read six missions books. Each of the books are available free of charge at our church to read and return. This book focuses on the missionary work that is done in a large region called Eurasia.

Back of book says:

Welcome to the Eurasia Region, one of the most complex, fascinating, and exciting places to do ministry in the world. Covering 14 times zones, it is home to 6 of the top 10 developed nations as well as hundreds of communities that live far below the poverty line.

It is within this vast region that Christ was born...Paul traveled on his missionary journeys...and Martin Luther began his movement to reform Christianity. The first Bible was also translated and printed for public distribution here.

Yet this rich legacy is often contrasted by the enormous religious and social diversity within Eurasia.

Eurasia: Bountiful Blessing shows you how the Church of the Nazarene is joining the movement of God to again reform and revive His church in this part of the world. Through spiritual nourishment, education, medical services, relief for refugees, and much more, Eurasia Nazarenes are giving hope to thousands in desperate need of the Savior.

Call to Action (page 85)

1. Visit the Eurasia Region's web site at to learn more about the exciting things God is doing in this part of the world. While you are there, take a look at the latest prayer requests for the region and spend time lifting them before the Lord in prayer.

2. Suscribe to the Eurasia Region's monthly newsletter Where Worlds Meet by emailing the editor at Each issue contians greetings from a different field; the latest news on people, events and ministries throughout the region; and information about upcoming events and prayer needs.

3. Pray for Dr. Crocker and the many other leaders and pastors sacross the great region. Pray for God to impart His wisome, guidance, and discernment in every decision they face.

4. Consider volunteering your time in one of the many ministries in the Eurasion Region. For more information, contact the regional office at or visit their web site.

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others (about different regions of the world) should be available for you to read. Check with your Pastor or NMI president for more information. If you are a Christian who is interested in missions and would like to learn more, you may purchase this book from NPH.

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