Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher

I enjoyed reading this quick read Women of Faith novel (306 pages). It depicted some difficult life situations in a believable manner. The way the characters respond to the stressors in their lives makes it so realistic that we could easily envision this story happening within our own communities and churches. Find out how the characters deal with the troubles that come their way and ask yourself what you would do if you a particular character.

Taken from Christian Book Distributors description:

Katherine has a perfect life. Brad is an affectionate and caring husband. They are active in their church, both serving in leadership positions. Katherine bakes, ministers, serves, leads a Bible study, sings. They have it all. Then a corporate scandal leads to Brad's arrest. Reporters dig into every aspect of their private lives, digging up the smallest of details and hidden secrets. Brad loses his job, and their finances are ruined. As they struggle to piece together their once-perfect life, Katherine wonders: can their marriage survive Brad's breach of trust?

Chapter 1 Excerpt

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert!

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