Monday, September 15, 2008

Soul Restoration: Hope for the Weary by Terri Blackstock

I read this book last March and finally decided to post about it. It's filled with encouragement both from Terri Blackstock and from Scripture. I always encourage readers to check Scripture for themselves to determine if the interpretation the author gives is backed by the Bible. I think this book could be an encouragement to Christians in need of restoration. It's similar to a devotional book, but shorter than most. The author shares a lot from her personal experience making it interesting and easy to read.

Some Chapter Titles:

Discomfort’s Hidden Blessing
Taste and See that the Lord is Good
Everyday Dangers
Divine Transformation
Prodigal Daughter
His Heart Was Broken
My Soul Is Restored
So Many Questions
When the Smoke Clears
It’s All About Covenant
Into His Arms
Each Detail of Our Lives

My Costly Pardon

Book Jacket says:

With beautiful, uplifting writing best-selling author Terri Blackstock speaks to those who are weary and in need of soul restoration. Newly written meditations and revisions to best-selling material from her novels, each of the devotions are filled with Scripture and encouragement. The perfect gift for a Terri Blackstock fan, this book is a wonderful way to introduce her writing to someone or to share the loving encouragement of Christ. It will surely touch people’s hearts.

I'll end with an encouraging quote from page 58 - "I realize that God is in control of the universe. The mistakes in my past, though dramatic to me, cannot ruin God’s plan beyond repair. God is sovereign, and his plans cannot be thwarted by human beings like me. He can fill in the blanks of my mistakes, teaching my children what I failed to teach, restoring what I destroyed, rebuilding what I tore down, redeeming what I sold away." God can redeem anything or anyone if we give it and ourselves to HIM. That isn't saying that we won't face consequences, but that He will give us strength to face the consequences and continue living for HIM and praising HIM even through the storms.

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