Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half by Michael McManus

I haven't read this book by Michael McManus, but saw it advertised today in a newsletter that I receive daily. As a child of divorce, I know first hand that divorce is painful for everyone involved and I would like to see divorce rates go down. Divorce is often considered the easy way out, but its really not because the payment goes on for years. I know there are some situations where safety trumps staying in a violent marriage, but I think many marriages could be salvaged with proper counsel before and/or after saying "I do."

For more info check this link.

Pray for our families and our country!


Lynetta said...

That sounds like a great book; I'll have to try it.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Robin! I'll be sure to put up a link to Robin's reading room as well. Let me know how you like Merciless :-)

Robin said...

Hi Lynetta,

Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate you honest views of the books you blog about. I tend just to blog about the books I've enjoyed or learned from. I also share about books that sound good from other reviews just to put them out there in one other place - like this divorce book - I may eventually read it, but it will have to be once my local library carries it. I have been known to buy a book after reading it from the library. I've used some home school books from the library and ended up buying them. Usually I only buy books that serve some purpose though. Some fiction actually fits into that category, but mostly non-fiction or educational books.