Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dead Heat by Joel C. Rosenberg

Last Jihad Series

Book 1 – The Last Jihad
Book 2 – The Last Days
Book 3 – The Ezekiel Option
Book 4 – The Copper Scroll
Book 5 – Dead Heat

Soon after I read The Ezekiel Option I found out that Joel Rosenberg had a new book available and I hurried to the library to get it without knowing that there was a book to read between them. I decided to go ahead and read the books out of order since these books are highly sought after and I didn't want to have to wait forever to get this current release back in my hands.

During the Republican National Convention (September 1-4, 2008), I was reading a section of Dead Heat detailing the Republican National Convention. It was a little eerie, but fortunately the events detailed in the book weren’t experienced in real life this time as they have been in previous books in this series.

As I read from Dead Heat today, September 11, 2008, the book described a scene where Embassy Staff were being flown out of Venezuela and today in the news I read that Chavez wants the ambassador from the United States out of his country within 72 hours and that he is immediately withdrawing his ambassador from Washington. See the article here.

Back of Book says:

· Oil prices are surging to record highs.
· A new dictator is rising in Iraq
· China is threatening Taiwan.
· North Korean forces are ready to strike south.
· Israel is feverishly trying to complete the Third Temple

AND IN THE MIDST of a world ready to explode, American president, James MacPherson’s second term is ending.

The battle to succeed him is heating up into the most fiercely contested presidential election in American History. Who will lead a bitterly divided country over the next four years? And just what role – if any – does the U.S. play in history’s last days?

As the presidential campaign narrows into a dead heat, the Secret Service learns of a catastrophic terrorist plot to assassinate one of the candidates – but which one? Who do they want dead? And can U.S. forces stop the terrorists before millions lose their lives?

Reading a book by Joel Rosenberg is much like watching the nightly news. Fortunately the events detailed in this book haven't become a reality in our world. Let's pray they don't. Today commemorates the 7th anniversary of September 11, 2008 when thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives because of four terrorist acts on American soil. Since, we don't know how long we are granted to live on this earth - make sure your heart is right with God, love your family, and seek reconciliation with all you can.

For additional information see Joel's webpage.

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