Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Krik? Krak! By Amy Crofford

My eight year old daughter recently read and enjoyed Krik? Krak! It is a children’s book filled with true stories of missionaries and their work in Haiti. Look at a world map or globe to find Haiti.

Back of Book says:

“Grandpa, please tell us a story,” the children begged.

“All right,” he answered. “Come and sit on the bench.”

Grandpa Lucien waited for the children to give him their complete attention. Then he asked, “KRIK [KRIK]?”

The children knew that meant “Are you ready to listen to a story?”

“KRAK [KRAK]!” the children exclaimed.

Grandpa knew they were ready to listen.

“Good!” he said. “Then let’s begin.”

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others similar to it should be available for your child to read at no cost. Check with your Pastor or NMI president for more information. If you are a Christian who is interested in missions and would like your child to learn about missions on their level, you may purchase the book from NPH.

My church is involved in a project that helps provide wells so the children of Haiti don't have to walk miles each day for fresh water. For more information check here.

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