Friday, July 11, 2008

The Bishop’s Daughter by Wanda Brunstetter

Daughters of Lancaster County Series

Book 1 – The Storekeeper’s Daughter
Book 2 – The Quilter’s Daughter
Book 3 – The Bishop’s Daughter

Back of the Book Says:

The Amish bishop’s daughter is off limits to an outsider like Jimmy… Even though Jimmy Scott’s typical American upbringing isn’t as far removed from the Amish as it may appear. After his mother dies from cancer, Jimmy learns he was not his parents’ biological child. What his father reveals about Jimmy’s first year of life is shocking.

Jimmy leaves Washington state for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in search of …

…understanding of where God is when tragedy strikes.
…forgiveness for the only father he has ever known.
…education in a faith foreign to his experience.
…reunion with the family he never had a chance to know.

When he meets Leona Weaver, dedicated bishop’s daughter and one-room schoolhouse teacher, he is just in time to witness another senseless tragedy – hardly the moment to mention the issue of his search. So Jimmy jumps in to help her family in anyway he can.

But Jimmy never expected his search for his heritage to lead to a forbidden romance with Leona. When her faith ahs already been shaken by heartbreak, can he ask her to see him as more than just an outsider.

This book brings the conclusion of the Daughter’s of Lancaster Series. The series didn’t have any real surprises for me, but I enjoyed discovering how the author was going to bring the various elements together. I think she did a great job tying the three books together and yet having a specific ending for each book. There was one major theme that remained unfinished until The Bishop’s Daughter. Even though this book ties everything up pretty neatly, I’d like to see how the characters change because of decisions made in this book. Find the whole series and enjoy a journey into the Amish world.

For discussion questions (spoiler alert) go here.


Julie said...

I read a whole series once about the Amish-I forget now which one it was- straight through. I got a little burnt out on it, although at the time I really did enjoy them. It's been a while since I've read any...I might be ready to go there again soon. They are very interesting. I'll think about it.

Robin said...

I read some Beverly Lewis Amish books straight through a year or so ago and enjoyed them. They aren't the typical books that I would choose, but since I've started them I want to finish them. I actually started three different Amish Series books during my pregnancy rest time and intend to finish them as much as a can from my library's availability. The Amish books slow everything down and bit and sometimes I need that. I actually looked at the books that I recently read a year or so ago and didn't feel like reading them, but I was in the mood this time and I'm glad I was :)