Friday, July 18, 2008

Falling for You Again by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

Four Seasons Series

Book 1 – It Happens Every Spring
Book 2 – Summer Breeze
Book 3 – Falling for You Again
Book 4 – Winter Turns to Spring

Some may find this book difficult to read because of the subject matter, but I thought the authors did a good job working through the issues and showing the reader one way to cope in times of medical problems. The characters are endeering and I enjoyed learning more about them in this third installment. If you need more info on dementia or autism there are many websites available with useful information.

Back of Books Says:

Esther Moore is the new talk of Deepwater Cove. Just last week, she put her Lincoln Town Car in drive instead of reverse, launching off the carport into her backyard. It seemed like a simple mix-up to Esther. But coupled with her recent forgetfulness and a startling diagnosis from her doctor, it has her husband, Charlie, worried. What is happening to the woman he’s been married to for nearly fifty years? Even the rest of the town admits that Esther isn’t quite herself.

Meanwhile, love is in the air for one couple in the neighborhood, but trouble may be on the horizon for another. And amid weekly meetings of the Tea Lovers’ Club and running between his various jobs, Cody Goss receives startling news that may change his life forever.

As autumn winds gust into Deepwater Cove and neighbors scurry about making holiday plans, a Thanksgiving parade gives everyone a chance to come together to celebrate their blessings . . . and to honor one woman who has given them so much.

For publishers description and reader reviews go here. For first chapter and discussion questions go here. To learn more about Gary Chapman's nonfiction book, The Seasons of Marriage, go here.

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