Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Quilter’s Daughter by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Daughters of Lancaster County Series

Book 1 – The Storekeeper’s Daughter
Book 2 – The Quilter’s Daughter
Book 3 – The Bishop’s Daughter

Back of the Book Says:

Abby runs a successful quilt shop and is engaged to a wonderful Amish man. But then duty calls. When she leaves her beloved shop and patient fiancé to attend to her mother in need, a double tragedy strikes, shattering Abby’s world in one fell swoop.

Once Abby wipes away the tears and ashes, she is forced to look for answers outside her Amish community. Can God make anything good come out of her heartache? Will she find hope and a future…

…in the ashes of the past?
…in her love of quilting?
…in the world outside of her own desires?
…in the heart of an overlooked Amish man?

With a shaken faith, Abby reaches beyond herself and finds friendship where she least expects it. Can her faith, tried by fire, withstand the flames? Will she have the courage to love again?

This book is more a sequel than just a series of related books as in the previous series that I read by Wanda Brunstetter. There is both new material and a continued storyline began in The Storekeeper’s daughter. All three books in this series are tied together beautifully. I enjoyed this book, but was glad that my library was able to acquire this book and The Bishop’s Daughter at the same time because I immediately began the third book upon finishing this one. (I guess there is some good in being on pregnancy rest ordered by the doctor.) Find a copy of this book and a comfortable spot and escape to the slower paced world of the Amish.

For discussion questions (spoiler alert if you haven't read the book) go here.

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