Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winter Turns to Spring by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

Four Seasons Fiction Series

Book 1 – It Happens Every Spring
Book 2 – Summer Breeze
Book 3 – Falling for You Again
Book 4 – Winter Turns to Spring

The final installment of the Four Seasons Series takes the reader into the life of newlyweds Brad and Ashley Hanes. They seemed so happy and so in love and then life hit them quickly. Read along as you see how issues of alcohol abuse, pornography and more are dealt with in this novel. Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman braved deep waters in this book. You are bound to find an issue that you or someone you love has endured in this series. The authors help readers realize that problems come to all people, but what makes a difference are the resources available to conquer them. I recommend reading the whole series in order so the reader is able to have background information about the characters. This series is easy medicine and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys fiction or who has issues to deal with in a marriage, but doesn’t think they can read another self-help book on marriage.

Back of Books Says:

They knew it wouldn’t last forever, but they never expected their marriage to be over almost before it began. When Brad finds an adorable puppy abandoned near the local pub, he thinks it might be just what he and Ashley need to grow closer.

While the neighbors of Deepwater Cover are concerned about the newly weds, they’ve got bigger worries on their minds. Conditions are icy, and Cody Goss is terrorizing the streets in an effort to earn his driver’s license. Though Derek Finley has volunteered to teach Cody to drive, it still leaves everyone running for their lives and desperately trying to protect their mailboxes.

Just when it’s least expected, a late-winter storm descents on the bustling towns and everything comes to a screeching halt. When the wail of emergency sirens pierces the still air, the neighbors wonder who could possibly be in trouble now.

The promise of spring seems just around the corner – if only everyone can survive this last winter blast!

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