Monday, July 14, 2008

A Sister’s Secret by Wanda Brunstetter

Sisters of Homes County

Book 1 – A Sister’s Secret
Book 2 – A Sister’s Test
Book 3 – A Sister’s Hope

Back of Book Says:

Putting her rumschpringe (running-around years) behind her, Grace Hostettler returns to Homes County, Ohio; joins the Amish church; and begins a new life with a new romance. The next four years are nearly idyllic for the oldest Hostettler child – except for the hidden pain she bears from a carefully harbored secret.

Her peaceful world is shattered the day she runs into Gary Walker – an Englisher who knows enough about her past to destroy her future. Gary’s arrival in Holmes County coincides with a series of startling attacks against the Amish community – and the Hostettler’s in particular. Is Gary at the root of this evil?

Amishman Clean Schrock plans to marry Grace but is unaware of her past. When evidence o f Grace’s deception arrives on her family’s doorstep, will Cleon feel compelled to desert the woman he loves?

Will one woman’s secrets destroy an entire Amish community? Can love and faith triumph over shame and deception?

This book like the other Amish books Wanda Brunstetter has written take the reader back to a simpler place where problems are solved eventually because of both a communities love for each other and their individual relationships with God.

For discussion questions (spoiler alert) go here.

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