Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Randy Alcorn's Summer Reading Book Giveaway

Randy Alcorn is giving away two of my favorite fiction books dealing with spiritual warfare - Lord Foulgrin's Letters and The Ishbane Conspiracy. The deadline to enter this giveaway is Friday, July 25, and the winners will be announced on Randy's blog on Monday, July 28. For your chance to win, leave a comment on his blog post.

Lord Foulgrin's Letters are written by a demon to his subordinate Squaltaint. Lord Foulgrin advises Squaltaint how to tempt and deceive Jordan Fletcher, the human "vermin" or "sludgebag" to whom he's assigned. For more information, go to Randy's blog or Read an excerpt from Lord Foulgrin’s Letters.

In The Ishbane Conspiracy, during one unforgettable year, four college students find themselves in a series of battles between light and darkness. Readers eavesdrop on the enemy, overhearing his strategies to deceive and destroy the youth culture in general, and these four in particular. Readers of all ages (this isn't just a "youth novel") will be fascinated by a story that unveils the longings, confusions, and battles of the younger generation. Read an excerpt from The Ishbane Conspiracy.

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters is on sale on the EPM website for $7.79 (retail $12.99), and The Ishbane Conspiracy is on sale for $8.99 (retail $14.99).


Julie said...

I did! I went and commented and said I came from here. It would be cool to win a book huh! Maybe you or I might win! I hope someone I know wins.

Robin said...

I really enjoyed both of these books - found them at my public library on accident and then became an avid Randy Alcorn reader and as you can tell by this blog I want to share his works with everyone else too. I actually started this blog because I wanted to talk about Randy's books so much and felt like this would give me a release, but I still tell people about his books too.