Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock

I was thrilled to find out that my library finally ordered the last book in this series, so I could catch up with the Branning family and find out how they dealt with the global catastrophe.
Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light
From Terri's Website:
As the Pulses that caused the outage are finally coming to an end, thirteen-year-old Beth Branning witnesses a murder. Threatened by the killer, she keeps the matter to herself. But her silence could cost her life.

Meanwhile, as Deni's ex-fiancé returns to Crockett with a newfound faith and the influence to get things done, Deni is torn between the man who can fulfill all her dreams and Mark Green, the man who inhabits them.

As the world slowly emerges from the crisis, the Brannings face their toughest crisis yet. Will God require more of them than they've already given? How will they keep their faith if he doesn't answer their prayers?
By far the best book in the Restoration Series because it brings closure to many (not all) of the issues brought up in the three previous books. I think this book was the hardest for me to read because of the subject matter and considering myself in the place of those suffering. We must decide today that we will praise and love the Lord no matter what comes our way because even as Christians we are to expect trials and tribulations. God will give us the wisdom and strength we need to make it through each situation that comes our way. We must also be available to our fellow man who suffers and be willing to share the love of Jesus.
Terri shares a salvation message in each of her books. If you have questions about Jesus and a relationship with Him, contact a Bible believing church near you or feel free to leave questions in the comment section that I will attempt to answer.
Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

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