Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tell Me About Heaven by Randy Alcorn; paintings by Ron DiCianni

I recently purchased this book for my children because my library didn't and I just had to have it. My daughter was thrilled when I showed her the book and couldn't wait to get started, but I made her wait. And then I did the unthinkable after we read the first chapter aloud, I told her we would continue tomorrow with the second chapter. She is a voracious reader and you would have thought I suggested some type of torture when I closed the book. We both loved the book. Randy has included material that young and old will appreciate. At first glance one would think it is below my daughter's reading level, but the material was interesting, so it didn't matter. I liked breaking it into chapters to read because it gave us time to process before moving on with the story.

Front Jacket says:

It’s a place full of new beginnings that never end, seeing God, reunions, uninterrupted relationships, eating and drinking, activities, worship, music and joy. But it’s also a place of mystery, especially for children.

God’s Word gives us glimpses of what’s ahead, with clues that can be trusted – and anticipated. And this is the exciting news reflected in author Randy Alcorn’s heartwarming storey and artist Ron DiCianni’s striking paintings.

As Jake’s fears and questions about eternity are turned to wonder through his conversations with his grandpa, any child’s excitement about Heaven should grow. Its powerful message will help curious young hearts understand that if they love Jesus, not only is there nothing to fear, but the best is yet to come.

Back of book says:

When young Jake asks his grandfather, “What’s it like where Grammy is?” he – along with the children you love – will be ushered into a warm story answering the many questions kids have about Heaven. And it’s all tucked away in this keepsake volume that they - and you – can return to for reassurance.

The Bible says, “We are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth…” Use this book to help your special little ones look forward to that new world.

Check Randy Alcorn's website, your local bookstores or library for this great children's book and watch your children's longing for heaven increase and fear of death decrease.


Randi Jo :) said...

Hey robin! :) sounds like a good one.

Do you have the books for children set aside here somehow? So many of these I want to remember when Raymond is old enough... do you have them grouped anywhere?

thanks for you

Robin said...

Hi Randi,

A year or more ago (probably more) I made Word files of books for my children alphabetized by author. I think there were four different documents - 1. ABC's and 123s, 2. fun and ryhming, 3. cumulative and repetitive stories and 4. Christian books for kids. I don't think I've kept up with it too well these days...

I have been trying to add good kids books to this blog as I have time also. You can search using children's books to find them. I think I labeled most of them if not all that way.

If you want me to email the lists to you let me know. :)

Robin said...

Randi, I've also kept lists of books according to subject matter for schooling purposes. Biographies, history, science, etc...

Randi Jo :) said...

sure that would be great to email them, thanks!

but seeing the label, "children's books" should be sufficient as well! Maybe you can post your labels on your blog - that might be cool too! :)


Robin said...

I emailed all four lists Randi. I need to update them all, but especially the Christian list.

My labels are a bit crazy because I use the subject of the book, author's name, illustrator's name for kid books, etc. I just want to make sure a book can be found if its wanted and not all info is known.

Randy Alcorn said...


I just bumped into this. Very nice of you.

This morning I came across a few mini-posters (12 x 18 inches) of Tell Me About Heaven, signed by Ron DiCianni and myself. I'd like to send one to you and your family.

I think we have your address, but you may want to email my assistant Kathy to make sure. Kathy@epm.org

Thanks for your great blog.


Robin said...

Hi Randy,

My daughter was excited as I was as we read your response. You do have my address, but I will confirm my info with Kathy today!

We love your books and are getting ready to start reading Heaven for Kids aloud together also. She persuaded my husband to buy Heaven for me for Mother's Day so she was thrilled when I bought the kids' version for her.

Thank You so much for the poster and all you do!