Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last Light by Terri Blackstock

I read Last Light a while back, but decided to give the brief info on the book from Terri's website just so you have an intro to the series, since I'm planning to share about the last book that I finished recently. Every book in the series is easy to read (I think a person with a fifth or sixth grade reading level could read them with no problem. There is a lot of violence not graphically described, but I would caution letting children read the books without parental guidance. I'd say the books would be best read by high school age and above), but interesting to consider how we might live in a similar situation. I enjoyed each book in this series. The main characters were well developed and the author did a lot of research to present the catastrophe described in this book to the best of her ability.

Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light

From Terri's website:

Today, the world as you know it will end. No need to turn off the lights.

Your car suddenly stalls and won’t restart. You can’t call for help because your cell phone is dead. Everyone around you is having the same problem... and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your city is in a blackout. Communication is cut off. Hospital equipment won’t operate. And airplanes are falling from the sky.

Is it a terrorist attack . . . or something far worse?

Check your local library for a copy of Last Light and take yourself into a world where many would live in constant fear.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

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