Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Popcorn, Socks and Salvation by Lee and Anne Rudeen

My eight year old daughter read this missionary book yesterday and greatly enjoyed it. I'm so glad my church has a strong emphasis on missions work and that books are written geared to young children. I read the book this morning because I love to read (even children's books) and missions are close to my heart.

This story is based on the childhood experiences of Lee, who was part of the pioneer work in Panama. Lee and his friend, Kevin, traveled with their missionary dads into a remote village to set up a clinic.

Back of book says:

"It's time for my secret weapon," said Dr. Birchard.

"You dad has a secret weapon?" asked Lee.

"Sort of," said Kevin. "I've seen my dad use it before. It works most of the time."

From inside one of their packs, Dr. Birchard pulled out a black pot. He poured some oil and emptied the contents of a cloth sack into the pot. He covered the pot with a lid and set it down on some burning coals.

"Ah," said Dr. Birchard, "it's starting to work already."

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others like it should be available for your child to read at no cost. If you are just interested in missions and want your child to know more about missions you may purchase the book from NPH.

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