Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Memory Bible by Stephen Elkins

My mother purchased this delightful CD/Book set for my daughter four years ago. We used it during her kindergarten school year even though she had been reading for two years already. The Scripture verses were used for penmanship - they were short enough not to tire her little hands and we sang the songs (children sang on the CD) and read the stories along with the narrator, Kirk Cameron. This week my son started kindergarten, so I pulled the book out again. I was surprised to find that my little guy still remembered the words to the songs from three years prior. They are catchy little tunes that you might just find yourself singing as you go through your day.

Back of the Book Says:

Sing, Read, Apply and Remember 52 Bible Verses from Genesis to Revelation.

Learning Scripture has never been so easy. Or so fun! Kids will actually memorize 52 key verses by reading Bible stories and singing along with the Scripture memory music on the two audio CDs.

They'll see, hear - and sing about - the courage of Daniel, the faith of Noah, and the love of Jesus. They'll discover how God used a little boy's lunch to feed a crowd, how God took care of Joseph, and how He enabled little David to defeat a big giant. Through it all, your child's faith in God will be strengthened.

My mother paid $25 for this set, but if you act quickly you may purchase it for $7.99 from CBD.

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