Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Horse, a Trumpet, and a Promise by Aimee Curtis

This is another quick read missionary book that my daughter read yesterday. It is a true story about the life and work of Dr. William A. Eckel, missionary to Japan.

While growing up, William was especially interested in horses and playing his trumpet. At age 12, he felt God had called him to be a missionary to Japan. As a young adult, William married Florence, who also felt called to serve in Japan. God used them to minister to the Japanese in amazing ways!

Back of book says:

"I can't believe it! Maud jumped the fence again!" explained Mr. Eckel.

William smiled and thought to himself, "She can jump any fence in town! There's none better than my Maud." William loved his horse. Maud was special gift from his dad.

To help William learn to read music, Mr. Eckel bought him a trumpet. William could not decide which he liked better, Maud or his shiny, new instrument.

William soon learned he could not keep both.

If you attend a Nazarene church this book and five others similar to it should be available for your child to read at no cost. Check with your Pastor or NMI president for more information. If you are a Christian who is interested in missions and would like your child to learn about missions on their level, you may purchase the book from NPH.

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