Wednesday, August 27, 2008

True Light by Terri Blackstock

I read True Light almost a year ago and wanted to share a little from the book before sharing about the last book in the series that I read recently.

Restoration Series

Book 1 – Last Light
Book 2 – Night Light
Book 3 – True Light
Book 4 – Dawn’s Light

From Terri's Website:

As Oak Hollow grapples with a global power blackout, a teenager is shot in a food robbery. Jailed as the suspect, young Mark Green must prove his innocence to a community that has already judged him in its heart. But the Branning family stands with him as he fights to survive—and forgive.

I enjoyed reading True Light and looked forward to the conclusion in Dawn's Light. This series details what could happen if we were faced with a global power outage? How would you survive? I know it would be complicated for me and my family given that we aren't anywhere near a water supply and have very little land (think townhouse) for growing crops. People would certainly have to pool their knowledge and resources for survival. Start at the beginning and find a copy of Last Light and read all four books in the series as you consider what you would do if you were the Brannings or some other character in this novel.

Discussion Questions - Spoiler Alert

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